Saturday, August 19, 2006

PR and Giveaways

Do you think your product and/or service is a good fit for The Salotti Family Blog? Does it relate to parenting, motherhood, babies, children or ways to organize or clean your home?

By performing reviews, I am able to better inform and educate the readers of this blog about your products and services, while communicating how this would be of value and importance to them as moms. I will post my honest opinion of the product. If I don’t feel I can write a positive review, I will contact you prior to posting.

Hosting giveaways also helps my readers to better understand these products and services, which in turn makes them educated consumers. Furthermore, by allowing one of my readers to win a product of your choice helps to generate customers for your company while giving my readers the opportunity to try out your products!

If you feel that your product is something that will appeal my genre of readers email me at!


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