Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7 weeks along- doing much better!

We are now 7 weeks along! Woo-hoo. It is progressing quite quickly. I am currently starting to feel a little better- finally. I spent the weekend really really sick to my stomach and throwing up! But this week is going much better so far. I can actually eat!!!

This week our baby is the size of a blueberry!

Baby's brain -- both hemispheres! -- is growing fast, generating about 100 new cells every minute. Arms and legs are emerging as joints start to form, and a permanent set of kidneys (baby's third!) is now in place

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Sarah Putnam said...

Congratulations Amy And John! I'm soooo excited for you two. Hopefully you are able to eat now, Amy, good luck with everything and I really like your blog. Good luck. Miss you.