Friday, July 18, 2008

Scary Moment

Well I have been very very sick all week. To the point where I have had a hard time eating anything at all except for cheerios! The thought of cheese or tomatoes (my two favorite things in the world) has been just grossing me out!!!!! Well yesterday while on my lunch break, I actually passed out when standing up and I hit my head pretty bad!!! So I called my OB very quickly and they agreed to see me yesterday afternoon. I called John and he rushed home to be with me.

I was not really worried about the baby, just worried about the huge bump on my head!

We went to the doctor and she said i most likely do not have a concussion, no signs of it, but to just keep an eye on it. She also gave me an internal exam and everything looked/felt fine. She scheduled me to get an ultrasound today! (Friday)

Well I just got home from the ultrasound and everything looks good. I was able to see the everything I should be able to see at this point, including a tiny heartbeat! I could see the baby, but obviously it did not look like anything really at this point. She said i was measuring at about 6 weeks and I think i should be about 6 weeks 4 days so it is pretty accurate. She said the ultrasound can be up to a week off in age. But the fact it has a hearbeat is fantastic!!!!

Now we just have to decide when we want to tell people! A few close girlfriends know, but we need to decide when to tell family. Now that we have seen a heartbeat we feel more confident to share news!!!!

Here is a picture of what our baby looks like at this point. This is not OUR baby, but just a photo of what a baby the same age looks like.

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Sue said...

Congratulations on your little miracle!
Sue Eberz