Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some scary stuff going on

Well I knew from the beginning that this pregnancy was not going to be an easy one!!!! I just had no idea what was in store for us!

On Sunday I was sitting at the dining room table with John's mom who is in town for John's winging that happened on Friday! (congrats honey, I am so proud of you!)

I felt a huge gush from down below and I ran to the bathroom. It literally felt like my "water" was breaking. Instead I found a sea of red blood everywhere full of clots. I stayed surprisingly calm and called for John to come into the bathroom. He asked what was wrong and I calmly told him I was having a miscarriage, and that I needed him to get me some clean clothes and take me straight to the ER.

His mom came into the bathroom with me and prayed, and helped me get to my feet. And off we went to the hospital. It was such a long car ride!! I kept telling John I did not understand why this was happening now, and that normally with a miscarriage you would feel severe cramping. He told me everything was going to be ok. He too stayed surprisingly calm!!

We got to the ER and thankfully we were the only ones there. We did not have to wait in line at all, they took me directly to a room. The first thing they did was listen for the baby's heartbeat which she heard immediately (thank God). It was a strong 159ish beats per minute. Then they loaded me up with fluids and anti nausea medication because I thought I was going to throw up!

The ER doctor gave me a pelvic exam but did not find anything. He then sent me to have my 4th ultrasound of this pregnancy done. The tech was really nice and let me see the baby right away! He/she is so cute. He/she was moving all around inside of me doing jumps and kicks. SO WEIRD! The heartbeat was a strong 160 per minute and the tech could not see any apparent problems.

A little while later they gave me a Rhogan shot. This is because I have type O- blood and my blood can attack the baby's blood if they come into contact with each other.

Then they sent me on my way.

On Monday morning I went to see my regular doctor. She ordered me to have my 5Th ultrasound to check and see how the baby is doing, and again he/she is fine. They did however find a problem.

I have something called Placenta Previa (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/placenta-previa/DS00588). Basically my placenta has attached in the wrong spot in my uterus and this can cause severe bleeding. Also, mine is currently hemorrhaging and pieces are basically breaking off of it causing the gush of blood.

My doctor put my on bed rest and told me to come back on Thursday.

Well Monday afternoon I took and nap. When I woke up I was bleeding pretty bad, yet again! I called my doctor and she sent me to the ER. After a ton of waiting they gave me fluids, anti nausea medication, pain meds (I was cramping pretty bad), and sent me on my way. Not much they can truly do for me at this point (except pray of course).

So that is where we are today. I am on bed rest, sleeping most of the time, trying to just take it easy. I have another appointment on Thursday with my doctor who hopefully will be able to provide me with some additional answers.

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers during this difficult time. We are feeling confident that everything will be ok, it just might be a difficult road getting there!!!

I will post new ultrasound pictures sometime this week! He/she is getting so big!


Hollyn said...

Holy crap! I had no idea! If you need anything (other than the prayers that you're already now getting from me), just let me know. Take it easy. I have several friends on EB that have had Previa and been totally okay. It's going to be okay.

Lots of love to you, John, the little bean and the crazy girls!

Monica said...

Wow Amy. I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers. You're one strong chica so I know you (and the little one) will get through this just fine. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Keep in touch!