Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tag, I am it!

My friend Sarah tagged me in her blog to do a fun task!!! I am going to cut and paste the rules from HER blog.

This tag tells me to write about 6 quirks of mine that I consider 'unsatisfactory', in other words, 6 things I wouldn't want everyone to know about me.

Here are the rules to the tag:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. List 6 unspectacular quirks
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking to them on your post then commenting them to let them know "there it!"

Unfortunately, I am quite new to the blogging world, so do not have 6 blogging friends on here! I have a couple that I will tag. However, I will still admit to the 6 quirks that I will sort of admit to! :)

1. I am an absolute slob. I want to think that I am clean and organized. And each time a person comes to my house and it is in a state of crazy I apologize for 10 minutes and say " I am so sorry, my house is NEVER like this", but truly it is. John and I just are really bad about keeping clutter around (mail, junk, random stuff, etc). Sometimes I go to my friends homes (Sarah Fiacco) and it is so clean and I am incredibly jealous. I am very much looking forward to having more time on my hands to be at home and just keep a clean house.

2. With the slob part of me being said, I absolutely HATE going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. There is just something that grosses me out about leaving dishes around so dirty. I hate coming downstairs in the morning and smelling the meal from the night before, slightly decomposed! This horrible obsession has gotten even WORSE since I got pregnant and smells make me throw up! Unfortunately with the pregnancy I also am exhausted and I have an inability to stand up for long periods of time. So sometimes I just have to go upstairs and not think about the smell the next morning!

3. I can not sleep if the door is open. I just can not do it. And if there are many doors in the bedroom (like bathroom doors, closet doors, etc) I feel the need to close all the doors, though I am less obsessed with that.

4. I absolutely hate wearing shoes and socks. I would wear flip flops ALL year round if I could. Thankfully we live in Texas right now and it is always 80 degrees and above, so I get to enjoy flip flops. Along with hating shoes and socks I also HATE wearing a coat. I very very rarely will wear a coat even if it is only 30 degrees outside!

5. I am absolutely obsessed with soda. Pre pregnancy I would drink 5-6 a day IF I had soda in the house. I have to now limit myself to only 1 soda a day. I know, pregnant women are not supposed to have soda!!! But I have lost 14lbs so far so I am not so concerned with the calories. And I hardly eat anything, so I figure a little caffeine is ok. Along with a soda obsession, I am also the most unhealthy eater!!!!! I would survive on soda and cheesefries if my husband would let me.

6. I refuse to eat leftovers. Especially if it includes meat. I just can not reheat meat in a microwave. I always feel bad though when I am in a resturant and I do not finish my meal, so I take it home. But then it sits in the fridge for a week and John gets frustrated with me when he finds it later, sometimes slightly larger than it was when I put it in there!!!!


1. The Whitaker Family
I went to High School with these fine folks. They are the couple that has been together the longest from High School, i believe.

2. Jenny
Jenny is a military wife I met on like a year and a half ago. We chatted occasionally and now she is moving to Corpus soon. I can't wait to hang out!!!

3. Sarah Fiacco
Sarah is a fellow military spouse that we met at ASBC. We instantly became fantastic friends. We lived together in Enid for a while and now we are both in Texas only a few hours apart.

4. Joy Draper (tagging via facebook)
Joy and I also met on and became instant friends! She came to visit me in Enid on her way cross country to Texas. Joy is also pregnany and is a great sounding board for me! She tells me when I should not be worried and when I truly should!

5. Kirsten Trump (tagging via facebook)
Kirstens husband Dan, and my husband John, are the oldest of friends. They hunt together and have for YEARS (since they were like 12)! Therefore Kirsten and I became friends by defalt. Then we both got pregnant and we became friends because we suddenly had a TON in common. We now chat all the time and I had the pleasure of haning out with her just tonight! :)

6. Monica Browning
Monica and I became friends when we were both in Enid and our husbands were going through UPT about 6 months apart. We now keep in touch on this great computer we both are always on! :)

Happy blogging ladies!

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Monica said...

Hey Amy~ Thanks for the blog tag! I'll try to do that on my blog soon. (Which by the way is ) I've been thinking about you lately. Hope you're doing well!