Sunday, October 12, 2008

18 Weeks- Some bad, lots good!

This week was a very difficult week for me. As most of you know, John has been gone a little over two weeks for training (he comes back in 1 week! I can't wait).

Last weekend I started throwing up so bad that I physically could not stop. I also started experiencing a great deal of pain in my right side. Finally on Tuesday (at my sisters nudging) I called my doctor who asked to see me right away. She tested me and found keytones in my urine which is a definite cause for concern in a pregnant lady. She was also concerned because I have lost another 2lbs (about 16 at this point total, and i should have gained about 10 at this point). So my doctor asked me to go straight to the ER to get fluids and do some testing. At this point she was afraid that my kidneys were shutting down and that I was possibly having an appendix issue.

I called a fellow military wife who came to the ER to sit with me for the 6 or so hours I was there. They did tests/an ultrasound/etc. and basically sent me on my way. It was a really frustrating experience because i felt like the ER was not listening to my concerns and since they did not know what to do with me, they sent me away.

The next morning i made an appointment with my doctor again, and my military wife friend took me. They sent me in automatically for another ultrasound (my 12th) to check on the little guy again. He is just fine. He measures right at the date he should be at, and seems really healthy.

The ultrasound also showed that my placenta has MOVED!!!! So as of now, and this should not change for any reason, I am out of the woods with the placenta previa diagnosis! PRAISE THE LORD! This means I can be less concerned about a difficult delivery.

Here are two photos from the 12th Ultrasound of Baby Salotti. He is quite cute.
After the ultrasound I went back to my doctor to discuss all that was going on. She ended up bringing in another doctor to discuss what was going on with me. It was decided that they were going to admit me into the hospital to stay overnight so I could get fluids, etc.

After blood/urine tests it was determined that I have hyperemesis (severe vomiting that is not necessarily related to normal morning sickness), a bladder/kidney infection (which was causing all of the pain), and I am severely anemic.

I am very thankful for my friend who not only took care of me and stayed with me during the 2 hospital days/ she also took care of my dogs for me. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

So now I am doing better. I still am quite sick to my stomach all the time. I am trying to eat as much as I can because my doctor is really concerned about my weight loss. I am really afraid that if I do not start seriously gaining weight, it is going to harm the baby.

I am just so thankful that baby is ok. He is my main concern. And he seems to be doing just fine! He is quite a trooper.

I am still not sure on a name for the little guy. I was pretty stuck on Owen for a while, but now I am just not sure. I think he may not have a name until he comes out and we can make a true informed decision! :)

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers!


Hollyn said...

Hopefully, you're going to kick this soon. John comes back in 6 days!

Your friend sounds cool!

Monica said...

I'm glad your friend was there with you. I hope week 20 is your magic week and you suddenly feel amazing!