Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Boy Clothing

I was feeling pretty yucky today so I decided to venture out to get some fresh air for a bit. I made it to a cute consignment shop that sells baby clothing for really cheap! I purchased several outfits for little Owen.

It was quite an important day because it was the first purchase I have truly made for the baby. In true pregnant emotional lady form I cried in the store as I was choosing the items! :)

Here are my purchases! :)

Adorable Blanket (with planes)
Footed PJ's (with a plane)

Another Adorable sleeper (with a plane)

A cute hat and bib (also with a plane, are you getting a theme??)


Because we have a camo theme!
Airplane Shirt
A total John outfit! (anyone that knows my husband knows he basically only wears colored polo shirts!)

Today proved that shopping for a boy is JUST as much fun as shopping for a girl!


Michelle said...

I Love all of the outfits! (Yes, the theme is becoming very apparent!)

I'm so happy that you had such a good time on your first "Mommy Shopping Trip" for little Owen!

Let the fun begin!

Lots of Love,
Your Big Sister :)

The Amarals said...

I wish we had a place like that in Enid :) And yes.. shopping for boys can get pretty fun, especially when it comes to toys!!Glad you're getting out of the house and feeling better!

Hollyn said...

All right, you... Where are you going? Did you venture to OUAC without me!? Did you go to Target, too? Are you cheating on me? :P

But, seriously, I am glad that you're doing better. We need to get together soon!