Monday, November 24, 2008

Meal Plan Monday- November 24th

There are so many great resources/blogs out there! One of my favorites is OrgJunkie (click on that name in order to go to the site). This is a great resource for Organizing your life. This includes meal planning!

John and I have meal planned in the past, and it has worked out GREAT! We spend so much less at the grocery store, and it prevents us from eating out unnecessarily (which everyone knows how much I LOVE to eat out!).

We got away from meal planning for a while because I have been so sick with this pregnancy. I have been able to eat such little bits and I have not felt like cooking. So John has been on his own for a while with making meals for himself. Thankfully he does not mind!

Now that we are in Little Rock, and I am feeling better than I was, and we are trying to save money, I have decided to meal plan again!


Monday- 11/24/2008- Fried Ravioli with marinara.
This is one of my FAVORITE meals! When we lived in Oklahoma we found this amazing brand of Fried Ravioli stuffed with cheese. When we moved to Texas we could not find this yummy go-to-meal. However, our first Sunday here in Little Rock we found them again! HOORAY! I am so happy!

Tuesday- 11/25/2008- Grilled Chicken, veggie rice, corn

Wednesday- 11/26/2008- we will be preparing for Thanksgiving so we will do something easy, perhaps grilled cheese!

Thursday- 11/27/2008- THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!!
We will be celebrating with our friends the Hobarts! John and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanksgiving. The last 2 years we have had Turkey day at our house so I am excited this year to just be making some items and walking them the 200 steps over to the Hobarts home.
We will be making:
Johns mashed potatoes
Aunt Kathy's sweet potato casserole (wouldn't be Thanksgiving without this!)
Green Bean Casserole (i made this last year and it was so good!)
Aunt Terry's cheese ball
Chocolate Peanut Butter Tandy Cake
Chocolate Pie
Iced Tea

-if you are wondering why we need a Tandy Cake AND a Chocolate Pie, please ask my husband. I do not get it either! :)

Friday- 11/28/2008- Thanksgiving leftovers, of course!

Saturday- 11/29/2008- A free day- in case we decide to go out to dinner one night this week. We will just move around the meal plan to adjust.

Sunday- 11/30/2008- Hamburger Helper Beef Lasagna.

I have been CRAVING beef lately! (you all know how RARE this is!) Yesterday I even went to Moe's Southwest Grill (similar to Qdoba) and got beef nachos for John and I. This is rare. I NEVER EVER EVER order beef out anywhere! EVER! It has literally been YEARS since I have ordered anything with beef. I occasionally will eat beef, but only if I cook it myself because then I know it will be completely done. Well yesterday baby Salotti decided I needed some beef, so I got the beef nachos, and MAN WERE THEY GOOD! I do not recommend Moe's Southwest Grill normally because it is WAY overpriced, and not as good as Qdoba or Chipotle (by any means) but their nachos rocked!

I hope you all enjoy reading about what we will be eating this week. I can not wait for all of the great Turkey day food! Oh and John informed me that after Thanksgiving we will be going to purchase a discount Turkey because he wants to make his own this year as well. So next week perhaps the menu will include Turkey sandwiches (my mouth is watering imagining a turkey sandwich topped with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a little bit of stuffing!), Turkey soup, etc!

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