Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our 25th Week

25 Week Belly

We have had quite an exciting 25th week! First of all, here is a photo of me last Monday, at 25weeks. NO DOUBT I am pregnant these days!

On Tuesday evening I went to the grocery store. I had a huge list because I was getting all of our Turkey Day food! I walked through the store on the phone with my best friend Erin, only to get to the check out and realized I completely forgot my wallet at home. Thankfully we do not live far from Kroger so I called John and he came with my wallet. So I checked out, got to the car, and then realized I could not find my keys. So I made my way back into the store and thankfully the nice lady who had been in line behind me had picked them up for me.
So then I get home, John helps me unload all of my purchases, and we sat down to eat an ice cream bar. I got up (im not sure what to do) and I fell over. Just fell. I may have sort of tripped on Piper, but mostly I think I just fell. It was not my day! Here is a picture taken 5 days later of my knee which I fell down on, really hard. This pic does not show how bruised the knee really is. You can only see the MOST bruised part, but the whole thing is STILL purple!
We were lucky enough to get to spend our 2nd Thanksgiving in a row with our great friends the Hobarts. They were with us last year in Enid, they were in Corpus with us, now in Little Rock, and they are going to Pope in the spring as well. They are the only couple that we have been with this whole time. I am so thankful to have them as our friends and even more thankful that we do not have to say goodbye to them for a very long time. Here are some photos from Turkey Day! I did not take many, so when Sarah sends me some others I will post those as well.

The H's and the S's (somehow I do not look pregnant at all in this photo, but I promise I still am!)

The beautiful table

Our yummy spread of food. Just looking at it again makes me want to dive in again!
Noticeably missing from these photos is Caleb Hobart! He is Sarah and Keiths 3 month old beautiful boy. I have no idea how I did not get a picture of him on here! Whenever I hold Caleb (which I love to do any chance I get) our little Owen literally kicks his butt. I hope this is not a sign of things to come!

Black Friday!
For the first time ever (i think at least) I went Black Friday shopping! John woke me up at 5am on Black Friday so we could go to Babies R Us for a great deal. MomMom and PopPop Salotti offered to purchase us the glider of our choice for rocking the baby (i get teary just thinking about rocking this beautiful baby boy to sleep, or reading him one of the amazing books that my sister Michelle purchased for him!). We have sat in a couple of different gliders, but had not made a decision on what we wanted. I honestly have a hard time comfortably fitting into many gliders because I have a short body, so a lot of times my feet do not reach the ground! However, several weeks ago we sat in a Shermag glider at Babies R Us and both John and I liked this glider. Well I found out that the Shermag glider in Oak/Khaki would be 1/2 off on Friday at Babies R Us as a door buster deal! HOORAY! I was a little nervous that they would be sold out of it (as it said online) but we went right in and got it with no problem at all! Thank you so much MomMom and PopPop! When you come to visit you can also rock Owen to sleep! :)

We also got a great deal on diapers and wipes during the door buster deals. We got all of this:
which should have cost $69.36 for $30.00! Gosh, we truly LOVE a good bargain! Please note the stuffed bunny on top of the box of diapers. We had to hid that bunny from Piper because she is TERRIFIED of it! She barks, runs and hides from it! For being a huge dog, she sure is timid! But look how adorable she is! We just made her this bandanna with some cute holiday fabric! She is very photogenic!
We hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday! Did anyone else get great deals on items?

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Monica said...

Congrats on your great deals! I loved some of the gliders at BRU but they were SOO expensive! Glad you got one for half off!

I feel fat bc I think my belly is almost as big as yours and I'm only 14 weeks.... Ugh. I haven't gained weight, thank God, just getting bigger.