Monday, December 15, 2008

28 weeks along

I am truly not sure about these food references anymore. My information says that baby is now the size of a cantaloupe.I am assuming this means weight wise because baby is 2.5ish pounds. Here is what my information has to say about baby...

"Eyebrows and eyelashes are now present, and the hair on the head is growing. The eyelids open, and the eyes are completely formed. The body is getting plumper and rounder (weighs about 2.5pounds and 15 3/4 inches long) and is composed of around 2 to 3% body fat. Muscle tone is gradually improving. The lungs are capable of breathing air but if the baby is born now, it would struggle to properly breathe. Be sure to talk to your baby a lot because Welcome to the third trimester ~ the period of leg cramps, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, itchy skin, aches and pains, swelling, heartburn, indigestion and . . . your baby's arrival! Your uterus is around 3 inches above your navel; average weight gain is between 17 and 24 pounds at this point. If you haven't had a glucose tolerance test yet to test for gestational diabetes, your care provider may order one this week.s/he can recognize your voice now!"

Well I have not done the recommended weight gain yet, but I am working on it. I am hovering right around my pre-pregnancy weight right now. My doctor said weight gain does not count until I get over that pre-pregnancy weight, so hopefully soon!!!

Today I have an appointment with my OB. She is testing me for gestational diabetes like mentioned above. This means I get to drink a really sugary drink and then get blood taken. If I "fail" this test then I will be sent in for a 3 hour test which i guess looks a little deeper.Hopefully things will be just fine though (especially right before the holidays!)

Today I am also getting my Rhogam shot. Here is some information on this shot:
Most people are Rh positive. This factor does not effect your health except during pregnancy.
A woman is at risk when she has a negative Rh factor (which I do, as I have the blood type Onegative) and her partner has a positive Rh factor (which John does). This combination can produce a child who is Rh positive. While the mother's and baby's blood systems are separate there are times when the blood from the baby can enter into the mother's system. This can cause the mother to create antibodies against the Rh factor, thus treating an Rh positive baby like an intruder in her body. If this happens the mother is said to be sensitized.
A sensitized mother's body will make antibodies. These antibodies will then attack an Rh positive baby's blood, causing it to breaking down the red blood cells of the baby and anemia will develop. In severe cases this hemolytic disease can cause illness, brain damage and even death. Hemolytic disease can be prevented for many women, if they are not already sensitized. Rh immunoglobulin (RhIg) is a blood product given via injection to help the Rh negative mother by suppressing her ability to react to the Rh positive red cells. Reactions to the medication are generally minor, including soreness at the injection sight and sometimes a slight fever.
Since a small number of unsensitized women may have problems with the end of pregnancy, many practitioners recommend that she be given an injection of RhIg (also known as Rhogam) at 28 weeks gestation, to prevent the few cases of sensitization that occur at the end of pregnancy. Each dose of RhIg lasts about 12 weeks. The mother will also be given RhIg within 72 hours of birth if the child is Rh positive. The baby's blood type can be determined easily after birth by cord blood samples.

Goodness there sure is a lot to worry about during pregnancy!!!

This past week was pretty rough. I definitely had the flu and I am not too proud to admit that there were many times that I was curled up in a ball crying my eyes out. I am also REALLY HORMONAL (watch out everyone!) Finally by Saturday evening I started feeling significantly better.

I did learn that I unfortunately can no longer eat Mexican food!! I had lunch with a friend last week and came home completely miserably ill. Then I tried Mexican again this Thursday and same story. NOT GOOD!!!! Such a shame because I LOVE Mexican!!!

My current craving: chicken nuggets from chick-fil-a. OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! I just love love love their nuggets. I can not get enough! i guess if I am going to LOVE some kind of fast food, at least it is chick-fil-a. Right Sam? (my closest friends own their very own chick-fil-a!)

John said I am nesting. I spent all day yesterday (and I literally mean ALL DAY!) cleaning/organizing, preparing for the holidays, etc. I finished unpacking our last 5 boxes that we had just been putting off doing. I hung all of my clothes in my closet and organized things. I did a LOT of laundry, I helped John organize his school work, etc. John kept asking me to stop and to just rest, but I just could not! I felt this strong desire to get so much done! I think I am starting to feel the urgency of the fact that the baby is coming. He will be here within 12 weeks! HOLY COW!!!!! 12 weeks ago John was at survival school and that does not seem like all that long ago!
On Friday we are leaving for our Holiday trip back east. We will spend some time in PA, then to VA, then a quick trip to NC to finally choose where we will live when we move, then back to PA for a couple of days, and then back to AR. WOW! TONS going on! I am a bit nervous about the trip because I am getting more and more uncomfortable, but I am so excited to see family and friends that it will be worth it.

This year we really want to focus on spending good quality time with family/friends as opposed to present giving. After all we are preparing for a baby and a new house! Ahh!
Well I will post a belly photo soon. Let me assure you I am getting big. Seriously big. Sometimes I can not believe my stomach! At this point it is going to start growing about 1/2 inch per week. YIKES!!!!!! I think this week I am going to have to get a couple of shirts for our trip. Normally around the house I just wear a sweatshirt all the time, but I need to be a bit more dressy for church/holiday parties/etc. I refuse to purchase any maternity tops because I will use them for a max of 12 more weeks, so I am going to just find some longer sweaters at JcPenneys or something.

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers!!!!

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Monica said...

I hope you guys have a safe trip back home. Are you guys buying a house when you get out east? How'd the shot go? I love chik-fil-a too! One of the few good places in Enid. =)