Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Third Trimester BLAH!

Well for the last week or so I have been feeling exceptional blah. Yesterday I finally went to the doc and I have a terrible UTI that is close to being a kidney issue. I had no idea. But this can definitely be reason my body was so down. I also had a temperature of 101.2. She said I may also have a flu like thing going on. She said I need pleanty of fluids or else she will have to admit me into the hospital to get IV's. I DO NOT WANT THAT at all so I am trying to drink tons of liquids. I feel all flu like right now.. I am pretty sure I am catching a flu. BLAH!!!The flu is no fun, pregnancy flu is even worse!!!

I am officially 27 weeks along- which means I am in my 3rd and final trimseter!!!

Apparantly baby is the size of this eggplant.

"You're in the home stretch two trimesters down, one more to go. Your baby is growing steadily as he prepares for delivery day. He will gain weight rapidly over the next weeks and, as the size of your bump increases, you may feel more breathless and tired. Your baby's acting more like a newborn now, too. He opens and closes his eyes, sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, and may suck a finger or thumb. He may also be hiccuping a lot this week, which explains that odd rhythmic sensation you've probably been feeling. Baby's lungs and immune system are maturing this week as baby prepares for his grand entrance. If he were born today he would have an 85 percent chance of surviving as his lungs are capable of breathing air (with medical assistance, of course). Other exciting developments:Baby's done a lot of growing over the past few months. His length has more than doubled in the past 15 weeks! And that's not the only thing growing—baby's brain tissue and neurons are all developing at a rapid pace. His brain waves are now firing away just like those of a newborn baby. If baby is a he, his testes will have completely descended at this point. Your baby now weighs in at approximately 14½ inches and just over 2 pounds, or about the size of that roast you made last time your in-laws were in town. (OK, the baby is the size of that roast you meant to cook before you decided that ordering Chinese was a much better idea.)"

Prayers for Us

Here are ways that you can be praying specifically for us during the next few months.

1. With Amy not working at this time, pray that we are able to make smart decisions financially.

2. that we can figure out exactly what we want to do regarding housing in North Carolina.We are getting to the last few weeks where we need to be making decisions quickly- and smartly!

3. For traveling mercy upon us as we are going from Arkansas to PA (18 hours), PA to VA (6 hours), VA to NC (4.5 hours), NC to PA (8,5 hours) and then from PA back to Arkansas (18 hours) all within a 2 week time period! YIKES!!!!

4. We need to get our doggie, Piper, into obedience classes or else she is going to need a new home. She is still such a puppy and I am incredibly worried abou how she will react once the baby comes!!!

5. For a church home here in North Little Rock. We have visited a couple of churches, but I am not sure we have found the exact place for us.

6. this may sound silly but for me it is an honest prayer request. Twice in the last two days I have been touched by complete strangers!!!! Both ]just started rubbing on my belly bump without me inviting them to. They didnt even ask!!!! I automatically turn BRIGHT red and I am just absolutely horrified that it happened. Please pray for us that I either 1. get over it, or 2. people stop the violation!!! haha.

7. and our number 1 prayer is for Owen (still not certain on the middle name). For his health both now and once he is born!!

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Dave said...

Hey Aimeee!

I hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

If your VA time brings you to Yorktown, please give me a call! I don't know what your schedule will be like, but I'd love to buy you guys lunch and steal an hour of time with you both!