Thursday, January 8, 2009

31 1/2 weeks along- 60 days until due date!

We have gotten so many adorable things for Owen! I just had to share some photos! 

Once we got back to Arkansas from our 2 week trip to the East Coast, I decided I needed to set up everything for baby, just incase he were to come sooner than anticipated(which his due date is currently 60 days away!) 

This is the adorable pack and play. Our family friend Tom got this for us. I am so in love with it. Owen will sleep in this until we get to North Carolina as we are not setting up his crib here. The top right is a diaper changing area. He will sleep in the bassinet portion until 16 pounds, and then he can sleep in the bottom portion. I am just in love with this pack and play. 

Here are some photos of all of the amazing clothes and things we have for Owen. Please note, this is only the things that will fit him up until 3 months! We actually had no room for the other things and had to put them in storage. This kid has a lot of stuff! (thank you everyone!) 

His sleepers

His hanging clothes, plus on the left are all of the gadgets I have for him. 

His pants and bathtime things

Looking inside his pack and play! (SO CUTE)

An adorable airplane mobile from MomMom. I just need to get to the craft store to get a hook to hang this up with

Some adorable outfits! John and I got him the grey fleece from Old Navy on sale. It is so soft and cozy! I can not wait to dress him in it! 

Thank you so much everyone for all you did to contribute to all that Owen has. 


The Maulsbys said...

hehe i see a medela pump box in there! it will be your best friend :)

Maricel said...'re nesting! i didn't nest until a couple of days before i gave birth! haha.

i agree. the pump is your friend. until you're sick of it. only 5 more months of it for me. yay!

Katiellirb said...

Little baby things are just too cute! Can't wait to see the little guy who fits into them :)