Tuesday, January 13, 2009

32 week stats

Me at 32 weeks! 
I am really just posting this so that I can look back in a few months and remember exactly what I felt like at each stage of pregnancy. 

Current stats: 
32 weeks, 1 day pregnant
current weight gain- 2lbs (since i lost so much in the beginning, my weight gain is only counted from my prepregnancy weight
blood pressure at last visit- 130/80- getting progressively higher, but my doctor does not seem to be worried about it (prepregnancy my blood pressure was always in the 80's over 60's.) 
current pain- foot in rib syndrome. I just can not sit properly right now because Owens little foot is literally stuck up in my ribs. It has been like this for over a week and I do not like it one bit. I try to coax him down, but with no luck! 

We finally hung the mobile above the pack and play. We had a hard time deciding exactly what to use to hang it, or if we were even going to hang it here for fear of it getting damaged in the move. It is just so adorable though, we could not resist! 

We went ahead and set up the swing too. I really wanted the dogs to have a chance to get used to it so it is not so "interesting" once it is around WITH the baby. John says the swing is a little girly,so I put Owens coming home outfit in it to hopefully make it a little less girly. I think it looks like a beautiful wonderful place for a baby to relax! 

I wanted to clarify something from my previous entries.... I am in no way wishing for Owen to come now, or even soon. When I say that I am all ready for baby to come I just mean materialistically. I am fully aware that he has some great growing left to do and I would never wish that he would be a preemie just so that I could get some physical relief. I only mean that "stuff" wise, we are all ready for his arrival. 

In fact, I am so incredibly terrified of actually birthing this child, I would rather him stay in for another 15 weeks at this point. Though, my friends who are currently 37+ weeks along let me know that it gets to a point where you are so uncomfortable that you just want to get him out- and the fear of childbirth sort of takes a back seat to the feeling of just being done. 

Again, I wish no harm upon my child, I am not wishing for him to come early, I was just pointing out that we are "ready" for his arrival. 


Ben, Jamie, Joshua and Bean2 said...

Amy & John,

I found your blog through Erin's and have been checking in periodically on how you and your little one are doing! I just had to chime in on this post to say that childbirth isn't that bad! I thought it would be the worst thing EVER. But as I was laying in the hospital fearing each contraction, I realized that it's like having all the excitement of Christmas, your birthday, getting engaged, all your wedding and baby showers, and your wedding day combined into one event. Now throw in getting a cavity filled. THAT is how much the excitement totally kicks the pain's butt. :)

You look wonderful! Keep up the good work. Having a little boy is the best thing ever.

Kathy and Ryan said...

Its the final countdown!! You are going to do great, LB!! And btw, I love the airplane mobile. Super cute!