Monday, January 26, 2009

34 weeks and a hernia!

Well Sunday morning I woke up with bad abdominal pain, bleeding, and a terrible new bruise on my belly button area! So I called my doc who told me to head into Labor and Delivery right away for monitoring. 

After a few hours of an IV, monitoring Owens heart rate, and my contractions, (oh and a LOVELY internal exam) it was diagnosed as a probable Hernia!! Apparently when the muscles of your abdomen separate during pregnancy, sometimes your intestines can push through. YIKES!!! 

It also was shown that I am having a bunch of uterine contractions- but nothing timeable and nothing that is making me progress at all. I am not dilated one little bit. Which is ok with me, he needs to cook a little longer. 

So this morning I got a call from my OB who wanted to check on how I was feeling, and to ask me to be on pretty strict bed rest for the next 3 days to see how I feel. If the pain continues she wants me to come in, if not, we will just wait it out until after he is born and make sure that the hernia goes away. 

I am trying not to ask God why, but come on! Sometimes it feels so frustrating that this pregnancy has been so filled with complications! As long as we get a healthy boy out of it i will be happy- I just wish the process to get there was a bit less complicated! 

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