Saturday, January 17, 2009

Growing stomach at 32 1/2 weeks

John took this photo of me on Friday. My belly is out of control! You can see how uncomfortable I am just by looking at my face!!! Oh and yes, my hair IS much darker than before. I decided to dye it a couple of weeks ago. With the prenatal vitamins I am taking my hair is growing at a REALLY fast rate. I had gone back to having blond highlights a while ago, but now I just can not keep up. When I first dyed my hair it turned really really dark and red. However now it has toned down quite a bit. I will take a photo soon of it actually down and styled for the day.

Yesterday we went to a fun diner, the Purple Cow, for lunch with our friends the Hobarts. It was quite yummy. Sarah even had a purple milkshake! I just LOVE diners! We used to frequent them often in Pennsylvania, however in the midwest we do not have many around at all. It was an excellent find!

Afterward I did not do much at all (nothing strenious at least). Around 6pm I started having CRAZY contractions! I had about 6 in an hour and a half period- and these hurt WAY worse than before. I got a little nervous thinking maybe I was going into early labor! However, a little walk around Target, and a ton of water, plus a frosty from Wendys (i can't lie!) made them go away finally! I did however purchase a new watch from Target with a stop watch function (for only $14) so that I am prepared next time the contractions keep going and going.

Next week I go to the doctor on Friday for my 34 week appointment. Then I will go again at 36 weeks, 37, 38, 39, 40 (hopefully no more than that!). This appointment should be pretty boring, just the normal blood pressure check, weight check, listen to the heartbeat, measure the belly, etc. However at 36 weeks the "fun" starts to see what kind of progress I have made! Ahh. Getting to the end.

I am emotionally feeling a little bit better. I have found that if I walk around a ton it actually helps with the pain factor in my stomach/ribs. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers. I am sure I will hit more and more "walls" in this pregnancy, but for today, I am alright! :)

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Emily said...

WOW...that is outta control! Much different from the last little baby bump I saw when you were here in Knoxville. At least you know there is definitely something cooking in there! I'm praying for you and Owen and John that all goes well for the rest of the pregnancy. Not too long from now. I wanna know when you are in labor, you better be calling me, right after the epideral! Love and miss ya :)