Monday, January 19, 2009

Updates- 33 weeks pregnant!

Well I am officially 49 days away from my due date. YIKES! I feel like it was just 100 days, 150 days, 200 days! YIKES! 

Here is a photo of Owens area! We decided to go ahead and hang his quilt and mobile to make it more homey. Not that he cares at all, but it helps John and I get into the spirit of baby having! I still can not get over how the mobile looks like it is supposed to go with the bedding set- it is not! It was purchased separately! It just looks GREAT though! 

John had a 4 day weekend which was really nice! We were able to complete some pending tasks and also relax a bit! John did however make a Turkey. Yes, that is right, the man made a Turkey! haha. As part of Johns nesting and getting ready for baby, he wanted to make a turkey so that he could make different meals to freeze for when Owen comes. 

So John made a Turkey Soup (recipe here) that uses EVERYTHING in the Turkey. Those who know me know I will NOT be eating this soup! Here is a picture of his homemade Turkey Stock- step 1 in his soup making! 

I made a Turkey Tortilla Soup (recipe here) using the white meat. I have not tried it yet, but it sure smells good in my house! Here is a photo of the soup just before adding the corn and the turkey. 

We plan on eating a little bit of the soups tonight, and then freezing the rest for easy meals once the baby comes. Our house smells fantastic!! 

I am really excited about this week! I am starting a Bible Study (click here for the information) a couple of weeks late with my friend Sarah Hobart. It is at her church and she invited me to come along. This will be something good to get me out of the house once a week (much needed) and it will allow me to focus on something else besides being uncomfortable!

I also have a doctors appt on Friday which for some reason I am really excited about. Probably because this is my last normal appt. before the fun dilation checks begin! 

ALSO, the show LOST comes back this week. I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN of this show! Like it is ridiculous really. The show is so complicated, psychologically involved, and fascinating all at the same time. You literally have to watch every second of every episode in order to stay up to date with what is going on. Last season left me with so many unanswered questions and I just can not wait to hopefully get at least a few answers. Is anyone else out there an avid Lost watcher? If so we should definitely discuss!!!  

I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I am off to do some laundry i have been putting off all weekend and to start looking at my bible study information. Oh I have also been having pretty crazy contractions today- so pray those go away!!! 

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skm22777 said...

YUMMY soups---Keith and I enjoyed our samples (K-tortilla; S-turkey). The Salottis are the best cooks! Also---glad you could come to study today, Amy!