Saturday, February 28, 2009

2 day old Owen!

First of all thank you everyone for the nice calls, emails, messages, etc. We have been way too busy to even think about calling everyone back right now, but know that we appreciate all of the good thoughts and prayers!

To answer some questions, Owen and I are both doing pretty good! I am really sore from the delivery, the epidural, and from my milk coming in, but I have some nice pain meds! Oh and the answer to the other questioni get a lot is yes, I had him vaginally. NO CSECTION! I felt the whole pregnancy that this would end up c-section so I am quite pleased!!!! I pushed for 2.5 hours and he ended up needing to be vacuum assisted out, which I did not want at all leading up to the delivery, but I just could not push the little guy out! Doctor said it was because my bones were just not quite far enough spread for him. 

I am completely exhausted- of course, I have a newborn right? Last night he only wanted to be held- he wanted nothing with being in my arms all night. Finally I ended up just putting him in bed with me for a while so we could sleep! I also sent him to the nursery at one point so i could get 3 good hours of sleep!!!  

Today the pediatrician diagnosed Owen as having a little bit of jaundice, which we knew was probably coming. He was definitely a yellowish color yesterday. He has a bit of a bruise on the back of his head from the vacuum assisted delivery which can lead to the jaundice problem. So instead of getting discharged today, Owen and I are staying one additional (hopefully that is all) night and he is under the glow lights to try and get his levels down. I take him out of his little box every 3 hours to feed him, and then right back in. We get to snuggle a bit too :) 

Again, thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We will start working on calling people back shortly. Right now When I am not feeding him I am trying to get some rest (easier said than done while at a hospital). 

Please enjoy these few pictures of Owen! I love his hands and feet. He always folds his hands up when he is resting- which John actually does too (like father like son!) Owen also has HUGE feet! They are my feet, not Johns, except for the pinky toe which is Johns (his brothers have the same toe too I believe). 

The glow worm picure makes me pretty sad. He is beside me though- so I am thankful he is able to be in the room with me. He is getting used to being in there, at first he cried and cried which just made me cry and cry (its a new mom thing i think!). 

We will continue to post some photos of our adorable baby boy. We are quite fond of him! The photo below is of Owen in a newborn outfit! It is FALLING OFF OF HIM!!! He has gone down to 6lbs 1 oz. so not super tiny, but apparantly small enough for tiny man clothes! :) 


Lisa D said...

Amy and John - Owen is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I am so incredibly excited for you! The next few weeks will be a busy time of adjustment; everyone (maybe I should specify - everyone with kids of their own) will understand if you don't get around to returning phone calls and e-mails for awhile. Just take the time to snuggle with your son and snooze all the time that he will allow you. Forget the housework! Just rest! Lots of love to you all. Lisa (for John, Jadon and Elijah too!)

Maricel said...

let us know when you're home and ready for visitors! we can't wait to meet owen! and i hope you guys enjoyed dindin last night! or tonight! =)