Saturday, February 7, 2009

35 weeks of frustration all rolled up into 1 blog

Today I had my appointment with Dr. Hubach at 1pm. At about 1030am i started coughing up blood which terrified me beyond all belief. I called to see if I could change my appointment to a little earlier- but she was fully booked. DARN! 

So i got myself together and headed over to the appointment at its scheduled time. Did I mention in my previous blog that I did not sleep at all last night. We came in around 4am, and I was having such terrible contractions that I was unable to fall asleep (still haven't and it is 1114pm on Friday night). 

At my appointment I just lost it. I was sobbing to my doctor (not something I normally would do at all) about how exhausted I am, how much pain I am in right now, and how these contractions had better be doing SOMETHING because I can not take more of this! 

She checked me, still 1cm dilated. DARN! She sent me over to Labor and Delivery (4th trip i believe) to be monitored. They hooked me up and right away saw the contractions I was having. They gave me two shots of the drug to stop contractions, as well as stadol for the pain. I was given IV fluids, and sent on my way, hours later, with the pill form of the shot they give me, and some pain pills. 

I am to take the pills every 6 hours to try and stop baby from coming too early. I have another appointment with Dr. H on Friday, and hopefully we can come up with a better game plan then. for now it is bedrest and pain pills! Hooray! haha

I am definitely getting down about this whole thing. This pregnancy has been so incredibly complicated from day 1! I cant even read back through the blog  entries from last july and august when i was so sick to my stomach I could not stop throwing up for the life of me! And now this! Preterm labor that just wont stop! 

I keep asking God for a reason that all of this is happening. For some direction on how I should be handling situations. 

I will choose to hold to these verses to keep me going, and now allow myself to get too down: 
"Give your worries to the Lord  and he will take care of you. he will never let good people down"  Psalm 55:22
"Don't lose your courage or be afraid . Don't panic or be frightened because the Lord your God goes with you, to fight for you , against your enemies and to save you" Deuteronomy 20:3-4


Wendy768 said...

You'll make it through! If you need anything please let me know! I know we haven't known each other long, but as a fellow mother, I am here to support you! Maybe little Owen just wants to make a grand entrance! He'll come when it's time and if that is early, it will still be alright. I know a few people who went into labor at 35 weeks and they have beautiful children!!! I'll be praying for you!

KateyBQ said...

Feel better Amy!
Lots of love to you and baby!

Amy@Salotti Family Blog said...

Thanks so much Heather and Katelyn!!!