Tuesday, February 3, 2009


35 weeks pregnant with 35 days to go!

owen did try to come yesterday. contractions 2-4 minutes apart for a few hours. called the doc and they had me go right to labor and delivery.  walked in and about 4 nurses were all over me! within a few minutes i had changed my clothes, been hooked up to monitors,  and pain meds were given. the back labor was the absolute WORST! At this point i was contracting STRONG every 2 minutes. It definitely helped. i was checked for dilation  by a very rough nurse who yelled out "i can't find her cervix, does anyone else want to try". I was screaming out i was in so much pain!  she was not the nicest! 

then a really gentle nurse checked me and that was much better. i was barely dilated at all- a dimple or fingertip was all. 

they put me on a round of medication to stop the contractions. 3 shots, 1 every 1/2 hour and then an oral dose.   finally by the oral dose my contractions stopped. 

then my doctor came in, checked me AGAIN for dilation, and said she was going to let me come home. she put me on strict bedrest- only getting up to go to the bathroom and shower until my appt on friday. hopefully then we will seriously discuss a plan. i can not imagine having 4 more weeks like the one I just had. I am SO DONE!!!! 

sorry for the blunt honesty here- i just cant help it though! i want to be real on this blog, and not sugar coat ANYTHING!!!


The Maulsbys said...

Goodness Gracious Owen! Give your mom a break already! Wouldn't it be awesome if he comes out being the calmest and best behaved and best sleeper baby ever?? YOU WOULD DESERVE IT hahaha LOVE YOU AND PRAYING FOR YOU!

Sarah Putnam said...

Wow is right! We are thinking of you too! I love your honesty and the reality of it all. I will definitely be more familiar with everything when the time comes for me. thanks for keeping us up to date and I hope for you he comes soon and very very healthily! HUGS! Sarah P.