Sunday, February 22, 2009

37 week visit- you are in labor

Nurse: "Well you are definitely having contractions. They are every 2-3 minutes. You are in the beginning stages of labor. Your cervix is just not dilating yet"

Amy: "Ok, what does that means, how long can it last like this"... 

Nurse: "it could be hours, days, weeks. no way of prediction 

Amy: "But if I am contracting this much and I am only 1 1/2 cm dilated this makes me worry- seeing as these are quite strong contractions...... 

Nurse: "yes, some people have to be induced. Dr. Huabch said she would do you at 39 weeks right..... 

Amy: "If I can make it until then, yes yes she will" 

So that is where we stand. I am currently contracting every 2-4 minutes around the clock. I am trying to do lots of walking, eating lots of spicy foods, etc. I will let you know how these wives takes work out. 

It wouldn't be such a big deal if i was not A. contracting, B. Dealing with having a VERY tender hernia on my belly and C. I have always been told that i would definitely go early (37 weeks) so it is hard to know it could be about 2 or even more weeks until he comes out and I can nibble on those adorable baby toes! (once he has been disinfected of course) D. with the exception of last night, i have hardly been able to sleep in weeks. Last night i took a good supply of pain medications and John was nice enough to not make any noise until i got up at 10am! 12 whole hours of sleep-it was great!!!!!! 

Please just pray for our sanity. I get all kinds of replies and comments from people saying to enjoy this time now because i will never sleep again- yada yada yada. Well at least then i will have my adorable child with me... this inside baby stuff is just not so much fun!!!! And I do not need advice per say- maybe just some quiet understanding. 

I really thought Friday night was the night. Mother nature (aka my cervix) has other plans for right now. 

I hope to induce March 5th. That is my dream. 


skm22777 said...

You're going to laugh about my dream...All of a sudden, you and John rang the doorbell and walked in with a little bundle (with a head FULL of dark hair), saying, "This is Brandon!" I was confused since we didn't know you went to the hospital and WHERE WAS OWEN? I didn't want to offend you and ask if you made Owen the middle name....Oh, and I also kept thinking, "He's more advanced than Caleb is at 6 months!!"

Melanie said...

YAYAYAYAYYY! it's going to be so soon! i know it! i just have a feeling! I said something to chris last night about it!