Tuesday, February 24, 2009

38 week freak out

I am not going to freak out. I am not going to have a cow. I am not going to worry. I am not going to freak out. I am not going to have a cow. I am not going to worry.... 

So John informs me today that he spoke to the person in charge of the academic portion of his training which he is currently in. He informed him of our current "going to have a baby any time" situation to get some guidance regarding him possibly missing class. 

Basically he was told that if he does miss even one day of this 12 day academic program, he will be rolled back into the next class. Which normally would not be a huge deal but in this case it is! 1. John is in a test group of 5 other guys. He really does not have the option to be rolled back. 2. If he were rolled back, he would get stuck in a 2 month wait that is currently happening here in Little Rock for people not in this test group. 3. We are supposed to close on a house we purchased in North Carolina on May 31st, but if he were rolled back we would not arrive in NC until at least July, which means we would be paying a rent here in LR and a mortgage in North Carolina. 

Normally the military guys are given 10 days leave when you have a baby, but because John is in this training environment it is much different. Everything is on a strict timeline. 

I will not freak out. 

So basically if I have the baby on Friday afternoon-Sunday we are good, John can be there for the birth and stay with me some. But then he will be gone all next week and the week after for 4-9 hours per day for class. Which is fine. He doesn't have to sit with me in the hospital for hours. But if I say go into labor tonight, and he misses class tomorrow, we are going to be put in a very bad situation. 

I will not freak out. I will not freak out. 

No pressure or anything. Just have to have the baby between certain hours. After noon on Friday. Sure. I can do that. My body cooperates. 

I hope to go into the docs on Thursday and ask to be induced Friday afternoon. Who knows if she will go for that though. Maybe she only induces on Tuesdays. Maybe she wont induce until next week. Which would be fine, as long as it is on a Friday afternoon. 

I will not freak out. 

Not to mention I am still contracting every few minutes, but they are not getting any worse- just still in terrible pain. 

I will not freak out! 


The Maulsbys said...

Praying for you!

Alison said...

NO WAY baby daddy is going to miss the birth :) i KNOW it will work out!

Katiellirb said...

You poor thing! It is going to work out! We're praying for you guys!

Monica said...

That sucks that they're not being a little more reasonable. Are you having any family come out to be with you after he's born? I'll be praying for you.

skm22777 said...

WELL,when all is said and done, "WELCOME OWEN HUNTER", one day BEFORE you're "ideal" situation...but I know you feel now that the fact that you are holding him is the ONLY IDEAL and YEAHHHHHHHH for your little one!!!