Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Appointment not until Thursday

When I looked at the date today I realized that my appointment was made for tomorrow, not today like we had asked for. I am a little frustrated, but going to try to have a go with the flow attitude. 

So no updates on progress today- my appointment is at 1pm Thursday. 

I am a little nervous to have an appointment because I have gained about 7lbs in 5 days. This could just be a sign of some complications happening (especially because this is twice the amount i have gained this whole pregnancy!) so we shall see. I need to get my blood pressure checked today at one of those self service thingies at Walmart- just to make sure I am alright! 


Monica said...

Did you check your BP today? Hope everything is fine and you're just catching up with the rest of us on the weight gain. =)

Kathy and Ryan said...

Just sending good luck vibes for your appointment today. :)

Ashley said...


It is very common to gain weight towards the end of pregnancy! Hope you are doing well! Hang in there you are almost done!