Monday, March 9, 2009

11 day old update!

Sorry it has been so long since I updated!!! We have been so busy trying to figure out life with our new little man! It has been so much fun, but so exhausting!!! 

Owen's jaundice did not clear up like we thought it would. We went to the pediatrician each day last week to get his levels checked and they just kept going up and up. He looks so yellow in all of his photos because of it. So we started marathon feeding him, putting him in the sunlight, and trying anything we could to get his level down. Finally on Friday it went from a 19.1 to a 17.something- hooray! 

(hanging out with mom and dad) 

Mommy and Daddy are incredibly tired! Mommy is trying to sleep whenever the baby sleeps- but he does not sleep very much! Because of the jaundice he has to be feed every 2 hours (though, sometimes at night i let it go three hours) which is cutting into my 8-10 hour a night sleep schedule! :) 

(hanging out with Daddy while Maggie looks on) 

Last Tuesday we took Owen in for his first pediatrician appointment. Besides the jaundice, everything looks good! Owen had lost another couple of ounces, but hopefully now he has put that back on. The doctor was quite impressed with our little guy though- he already rolls from his back to his side, to his back, to his other side. The doctor said we will have to watch him really closely because he could easily roll off of things. We are never to leave him on his changing table or the couch by himself! 

(We told him he had to go to the pediatrician, and he was not pleased, he just could not bear to look at what was happening!) 

(the family at the pediatrician) 

(meeting my really nice doctor for the first time!) 

(in my pack and play) 

We have tried to get Owen to sleep pretty much anywhere/everywhere in the last 8 days since we got home. The pic above is him in his pack and play. Which right now he does not like at all. So we have him sleeping in a bouncy seat/in his pack and play. He was also spitting up quite a lot, so having him sit up as opposed to laying down definitely helps.

Please do not be offended if I have not called you back (this is Amy). I literally have 41 messages on my cell phone right now, and I just can not imagine listening to any of them right now. With this 2 hour feeding schedule- i am absolutely exhausted. During Owens short naps I am busy sleeping, preparing for his next feeding, trying to feel a little normal, etc. Needless to say I am absolutely exhausted. Thank you everyone so much for all of your kind thoughts and prayers! We appreciate everything everyone has done! 


Monica said...

I can't believe he's 11 days old already! He's a cutie. Congrats!

Wendy768 said...

I love that you took pics at the first doctor visit! That is too cute and such a great idea! I hope things are getting easier for you! It does get better around the 6 week mark (once you are starting to get a routine) and then again at 4 months - in my experience!