Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 1/2 weeks

Here are some fun photos of Owen from the last week or so.

He loves his swing! 
Quiet time with Daddy
This was part of Aunt Michelle's photo shoot
Curious piper and oblivious Owen 
Snuggling with a blanket his Great Grandma made him
sleepy time!
Some fun Owen Facts for this past week!!!! 
- he lost his umbilical chord on Sunday morning. He is now officially a big boy and can take big boy baths! 
- he has started sleeping much better! He sleeps about 3 hours at night, then is up for an hour to eat, and then normally he sleeps an additional 4 hours. It is great! Mommy is much happier! :o) 
- for the past two nights he has slept in his pack and play! This is a big step! Previous to this he was sleeping in his bouncy chair only. We also started swaddling him (mental note to take a picture of him in his baby straight jacket) which he hated at first, but now he loves! 
- Owen only really cries when he is hungry or wet. He is really an easy baby. 

John has the next 2 days off- Hooray! We are not sure what our plans might be, but it will be nice to have him home! 

Tomorrow a lactation consultant is coming over to help us with nursing. Owen is having a hard time properly latching and we need help. I have been marathon pumping (every 2-3 hours) so that he can have my milk, but we are also still supplementing a bit with formula. 

We are going back to the doctor on Friday to have Owens weight checked. Last Friday he was 6.0lbs. He really should have been back up to his birth weight (6.9lbs) by then so the doc wants to see us again. We are hoping he is gaining some great weight this week!!!! 

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. We are having a great time with our adorable little man! 


Kathy and Ryan said...

he is sooooo freaking cute!! I love the picture of him sleeping with his little pilot blanket. Now if only I could join you in all this fun!! Hopefully soon....

Katiellirb said...

What a sweetie pie! Enjoy every minute with him :)