Monday, March 23, 2009

3.5 weeks

Here are some cute photos from this weekend! Owen is doing really well! 

Snuggling with Daddy (this is one of my favorite photos!) 
Snuggling with Mommy
With his babysitters, Piper and Maggie. 
Yes, we took the blanket from the hospital. Infact, we took many blankets/diapers/onsies/supplies from the hospital. We are such rebels! :) 


Kelly said...

Your hospital had onesies?! Now I'm feeling like we missed out. We also took home blankets - in fact the nurses stuck two in the car seat with us as we were heading out the door and then gave us one to let the dog smell before Brady came home. Is that the Boppy bouncer?

Amy@Salotti Family Blog said...

yes it is the boppy bouncer! this was all he would sleep in for the first couple of nights home (actually first 2 weeks i think)! The best part is my friend gave it to me for free, her kid did not like it, and it is his favorite. we get all these expensive/fancy things and he likes the freeby! he is after his fathers heart!