Monday, March 23, 2009


Here is the picture of Owen all swaddled up. He HATED this the first days home, but now it helps him to sleep quite well. 

I JUST took this picture because I am thrilled he is sleeping. he has been eating pretty much since 3am, with tiny little 10 minute breaks here and there. I am EXHAUSTED. Finally i put him down, swaddled, with white noise in his ear, and he has been asleep for 10 minutes. Crossing my fingers it lasts long enough for my frozen lunch to cook in the microwave! 


Kelly said...

Brady has the same swaddler that Owen has! Although she likes to be swaddled, she refuses to be swaddled in those. After the first couple of weeks she stopped waking herself up when she'd break her arms free.

Is that the Safe and Secure Sleeper? We considered it but never bought one. How do you like it?

Amy@Salotti Family Blog said...

Owen HATED being swaddled at first, but he also would not sleep in his pack and play, only his bouncer chair. So about a week ago i tried it again and voila, he loves it! I have to leave it a little loose so he can get his hands up by his face (his secure little position) but i think it helps him from waking himself up by jerking his arms in the night.

yes that is the safe and secure sleeper. I definitely like it! We have it inside of his pack and play just to make a smaller space he sleeps in. The entire pack and play is just too big for him in my opinion. I also used it a few nights to have him sleep with me in bed (during the first week). I like it because it folds up nicely and will be good for travel. Oh i also have a blanket under the head of it to elevate his head a little bit for when he spits up. That way it travels down and out of his mouth and not just sitting there to choak him.

Katiellirb said...

He's so precious! And I say that as an outsider who gets to see the adorable pictures and not the constant eater :)

Kathy and Ryan said...

So cute!! Ty loves his swaddles...aren't they great!?!