Saturday, April 4, 2009

5 weeks old!

I have no idea how it is possible that Owen is 5 weeks old already! It feels like just yesterday that I was miserably pregnant! I would do this all over in a heartbeat though if I had known how much I was going to love this little man!

Some pictures from our week!!!

Owen ABSOLUTELY loves the bath! We call him our little water baby. Right now the easiest way to bathe him is to put him in with me. He loves to lay on his back and float around. We definitely plan on putting him in swimming lessons one day so that he can love the water EVEN MORE!

IMG_2745 IMG_2744

When I was little I had a HUGE fear of the water. In 3rd grade my teacher, Mrs. Owens, had a pool party and I almost ran into trouble when I found myself in the deep end and I did not know how to swim. After that my grandmother put me in lessons where I did very well. I went on to teach swimming lessons myself, and I was a lifeguard for a summer (at Water Country!). So we definitely want Owen to have lessons so he does not fear the water.

Last night John walked in holding the baby and said “Um, Amy, I think the baby is hungry, he is trying to nurse on me!”. Haha. At least Owen has an “idea” of where his food comes from. Just got the wrong parent.


Every morning John and I laugh at Owen and his “stretching time”. It lasts normally about 15 minutes, and he just stretches in every way possible. He is serious about his stretches!


Hanging out with mom before bed.


He has really started smiling a lot lately! It melts our hearts! Of course, we can hardly ever get it on camera because we have no idea when it might happen (it is just random smiling at this point, not in response to what we are doing). I was just lucky enough to catch one though!!


I can’t resist this face! One day he will come home and tell me he crashed our car, and he will give me those big eyes and adorable dimples, and all will be forgiven!


In other news Owen and I are taking a trip to PA in a week and a half. We are going because we have no idea when the next time we will make it there will be. We had thought about stopping by on our way to North Carolina in May or June, but that just wont work with a 26 foot truck! So we will be in town April 15-23rd. Owen will get to meet his Grandpa, Great Grandma Dupont, Uncles Steve, Nate, Sam, and Josh, Aunts Jean and Aliyah, Cousins Jordan and Bayleigh. We are also very excited to meet his future best friend Evan Class- who is MY best friend Erin’s baby that is 25 days older than Owen. We will also meet many other friends and family. It will be great to show him off for the first time.

Owen and I will take a trip to VA once we move to North Carolina and get settled. It is only 4 hours away- so family can come visit us too!!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! John is at a gun show right now- lets pray he does not try to come home with any presents!

Oh and say a little prayer, our little guy has a tiny cold. He has a bit of a fever yesterday so we called the pedi and took him in. He just has a little congestion- nothing too bad. We got saline drops to put in his nose (he was not pleased) and are to watch him closely to make sure his temp does not go above 100.5.

We got him weighed and he is 7lbs 8oz which is perfect. He has gained 1 oz a day since his last appointment which is exactly what he was supposed to do! YAH! I also tried to measure his length and it came up 21 inches for me. So he has gained 15oz since birth, and gone up 2.5 inches! YAH!!!

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