Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally- Owens Birth Story

I am finally getting around to posting a birth story!! John typed out some notes while everything was happening to help us remember when things happened.

I started having contractions on Friday February 20th really strong. I went to L&D and was checked out and they sent me home a 1cm. So the weekend was rough, contracting every 3-4 minutes, but not really much stronger than before.

Finally on Wednesday I called my doc and said i absolutely could not take it anymore. They set me up to see the on call doc at 10am on Wednesday morning. I was only 1-2cm's, and he didn't really take me seriously, but said he would admit me for observation and to give me some medication since I was so miserable! I walked over to L&D and the nurses were GREAT! They could see how utterly exhausted i was, got me a room right away, set me up with an IV and the medication, and really just took care of me.

My nurse checked me and said i was truly 2cm's, and she kind of tried to get things better started up there. I am pretty sure she stripped my membranes because i started bleeding pretty badly. I tried to get some sleep since I had the pain medication.

A few hours later I got up to go to the bathroom, and i think my water broke while on the toilet. And there was a TON of blood. So i freaked out, called the nurse in there, and she said yes my water probably broke, and the doc would be right in to check me.

This was at about 4pm on Wednesday the 25th. John had left me to go board the dogs and take care of some stuff. and he just got back when the doc checked me, said my water probably did break, he could not feel it, and they would be officially admitting me. He said "you are going to have your baby today!". AHH!!

I was officially admitted at 4:30pm. They said they were going to have the anesthesiologist come chat with me to discuss my epidural. Little did I know he planned on giving me the epi THEN! I was only 2cm’s dilated so I was not at all prepared for this. I honestly kind of freaked out. We had only been in our room for like 20 minutes and he was already there with nurses and waiting to stick me in the back with needles. I had always been very pro epidural- but just with how fast it happened I freaked out. I was shaking and crying, and I even said “maybe I do not want an epidural, I can probably do it without one (haha)”. John and the nurses calmed me down though, and it was not bad at all. Just a lot of pressure. And now I am so thankful i got the epidural. It was administered at 5:07pm.
This is the timeline john saved on the computer during the rest of the night..

Throughout the evening the nurses came in to check my progress.
Checked at 1825 - 2 cm
Catheter – 2015

Checked at 1240 - 2cm (gushed more fluid - water may have really just broken). Apparently earlier my water probably did not break, but this time it did. John heard it pop! I guess the nurse checking me caused it to break.

Checked at 0245- 3-4 cm

Checked at 0500 – 8cm. HOLY COW THAT WAS A LOT OF PROGRESS!

Checked at 0710- 10cms. The nurse said she was going to set things up for delivery. I could not believe it was actually about to happen.

So i started pushing him at 725 and it was so hard! I had no idea it would be as hard as it was. I could not feel what i was doing because of the epi, my legs were so heavy, yet i was in pain. I pushed and pushed and pushed! The epi was wearing off by the end of the pushing, i was utterly exhausted, my mouth was so dry, i was just a mess! John was really good and gave me tons of ice chips and wet my face with wash cloths, but i was just miserable.
His head was "right there" for so long. Pretty much from the moment i started pushing they could see it when i would push, but it just could not come down further. He was still sunny side up, and was kind of getting stuck in my pelvic bone.

The doc finally asked me if i wanted her to "help me" and i said yes. I had been so anti vacuum/forceps, but at that point i just needed him OUT! So she used the vacuum and helped pull him out as i pushed!!!

When he came out i just started crying. it was like an oh i am so glad to see my baby AND THANK GOD THIS IS OVER cry!!!!! He was purple and all nasty looking, but still so adorable. They put him on me and he snuggled right away. Such a sweetie!!

I had a 2nd degree tear so once the placenta was delivered and she stitched me up. John got to watch them do everything for Owen and he took great video and photos.

He was born on Thursday morning and I was discharged on Saturday morning. However, due to jaundice issues they needed Owen to stay one more night, and i was allowed to just stay as well. I was really thankful for that because I was still in a great deal of discomfort and I appreciated the nurses being there for me.

Now, 5 weeks later, looking back, it was not TOO terrible. I could do it again!! :) Maybe. In like 4-5 years.

Here are some photos!

Immediately after birth!  023

022027 028 029 032 041 044 048 I always wanted to bite his little toes when they were digging into my ribs!

050 054  072 078 085 089 096

We are so thankful to have Owen in our lives! He is the most precious thing we could have ever asked for.

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Hollyn said...

How about that total feeling of relief when they FINALLY come out. That first breath (with both Jack and Lexi) was heaven! You were a champ! What a great story!