Tuesday, April 28, 2009


John and I just got floor tickets for tonights Jason Mraz concert here in Little Rock. OH MY GOSH!!!

He is our absolute favorite singer.

He is AMAZING live!

I am beside myself.

I have not seen him live in almost 3 years (in NYC! AMAZING!)

This means we are leaving Owen with a baby sitter for the first time! AHH! But it is Keith and Sarah Hobart. Not like a random person or a high-schooler. I have only ever left him with Johns mom and for no longer than like 3 hours (tops) .

I am hoping that with the shots he got today he will just be a sleepy boy and will not cause any trouble. He slept for 3 hours this morning, ate, and now has been asleep for an hour again. I almost do not know what to do with all of this extra time in my day! Almost.


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Maricel said...

yay for parents night out! :) i'll upload photos as soon as i remember when i'm home! i swear, he was high, whether or not it's on life, is the question! it was fun! we have to hang out again before we leave!