Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some photos from our trip

I will definitely update more soon!
This picture is from Christmas at our baby shower. This is Erin, me and Kirsten.

Yesterday we had a little reunion and got to have our little “outside” loved ones play. This is Evan, Mayleigh and Owen!
Since the Trumps had a girl and not a boy, Owen and Maeleigh need to be married one day instead of hunting buddies. I probably prefer it this way. Owen seems a little unsure…
Owen was also a little unsure about his future best friend Evan. It seems like my boy cries a lot, but he really doesnt! This meeting was an epic fail! :0) I love that saying.
Best friends Amy and Erin and our sons
Cousins Bayleigh and Jordan playing with Owen
IMG_2828 IMG_2837
Uncles Sam and Josh playing with Owen
It is exhausting being so social!

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