Tuesday, May 19, 2009

11 weeks old- rollin rollin rollin

Well it was bound to happen sometime… Owen hit a milestone today and I missed it!!!

I had him on his stomach today for some “tummy time”. He was lifting his head up so incredibly well that I wanted to go grab the video camera to catch it.

So I walked out of the room for literally 4 seconds and when I walked back in he was laying on his back.

The baby rolled over, for the first time, and I missed it. So of course I immediately started praising him and I tried to get him to do it again.

No such luck.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

   IMG_2989IMG_2991   IMG_2996 IMG_2998 IMG_3001

He is working on mastering the lacrosse stick.

IMG_3004 IMG_3005

Piper loves her baby.


We are moving in 1 week. Ahh! We will drive Wednesday and Thursday, close on the house on Friday, and John will return to Little Rock for an uncertain amount of time on Sunday.

Gotta love military timing!


Maricel said...

ahhh!!! i must visit you before you go! maybe monday...we're heading to dallas this weekend. where did the time go!?!

Monica said...

He's getting so much bigger! Love the pics and the new layout!