Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Follow up appointment

We had Owens follow up appointment yesterday regarding his reflux and head.

It seems like the Zantac is helping with Owens reflux issue. He will continue on the meds for about 3 months. He still spits up a ton, but not as much as he did before.

The results came back for Owens head and HOORAY, no surgery needed. However, they did say that his head has an odd shape to it and need to do further testing to make sure it is nothing serious. It could possibly be a hormonal imbalance or a thyroid issue. So the doctor on base is referring us to an endocrinologist at the University of North Carolina sometime soon to get it checked out. I am trying to be calm and not freak out about this.

She also said it could be just nothing, so we will see.

This past weekend Owen and I drove to Virginia to attend my cousin Ashley’s baby shower. It was lots of fun! Owen got to meet two sets of grandparents, my step mom, and many aunts and cousins. It was a nice trip, but i do not think I will do it alone again. The trip there was alright,  he cried for about an hour, but the trip home was TERRIBLE! He cried almost the whole time. I would stop, pull over, feed him, he would scream, i would stop pull over, give him his paci and get him all set up, he would cry, i would sing, he would cry. It was a long 4+ hour trip. No, i do not think I will do that one alone again any time soon!

Since getting back home we celebrated fathers day with johns parents and his two brothers by putting gutters on the house. We also had a nice dinner and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen- John’s one request!

More pictures to come soon! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

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