Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 months old!

Owen turned 5 months on Sunday. We were traveling that day so these pictures are a little late.  IMG_3350 IMG_3351   IMG_3354        IMG_3379 IMG_3371  IMG_3373

The rejects from the 5 month photo shoot…

IMG_3374 IMG_3375 IMG_3376 IMG_3377 IMG_3378

And the official, adorable, winner!


Eating solids again

We bought a highchair from our neighbors last week and Owen loves it!

I have started sitting him in it to eat his “dinner”.

IMG_3322 IMG_3314 IMG_3315  IMG_3317 IMG_3318 IMG_3319 IMG_3320 IMG_3321

Yummy Sweet Potatoes!!!!

Trip to Pennsylvania

Last week we went to PA to surprise Johns family. PopPop was being honored at work for being there 30 years (congrats) so we went up to surprise him at his luncheon. We did not tell anyone in the family we would be coming (which if you know me, is REALLY HARD!).

We drove up Wednesday evening and stayed with my best friend Erin. Owen got to hang out with his future best friend, evan again. This time Owen is not as tiny compared to Evan as he was at 7 weeks!


On Thursday morning we went to surprise Mom Mom at 720am. She was so happy to see us!

Here are some fun pictures from the luncheon.

Hanging out with Uncle Nate


In his stroller wearing a train shirt just for Pop-Pop


Sitting with cousin Jordan IMG_3329

Talking to cousin Bayleigh  IMG_3332

Daddy swinging with Jordan. She is getting SO BIG!IMG_3333  

Swinging Bayleigh is MUCH easier. IMG_3336 


We had a great trip and can’t wait to see everyone again.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Owens weight

He went from 13.2lbs to 14.0lbs in 9 days. That is 14oz in 9 days. I am happy with that.

Each time they take his weight they look at it in lbs and then in kg’s (i have no idea why). Well i guess my doctor goes by kg’s because she came in and said “oh he only gained this many kg’s. That equals about 2oz in 9 days. And i said no he gained 14oz, and she said no, the kg to lb ratio… yada yada yada. So anyways, i think she was confused on how many oz he gained and she was still concerned. However, i know how much he gained and i am feeling really good about it!

She wants to see us back in 2 weeks which is fine. I am not concerned about his weight any longer. He went from the 3rd percentile when he was a baby to the 15th now. He is good to me!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Owens first pool experience

Owen had a great time at our next door neighbors house in the pool! Ok actually he hated it mostly, but we are working on it. I think once he can sit up on his own it will be MUCH better! 6774_1072251779241_1614545670_211920_7121469_n[1]

6774_1072251939245_1614545670_211924_5208458_n[1] 6774_1072252059248_1614545670_211927_505465_n[1]

Carmine telling Owen to relax, it isnt that bad!


Dont worry Philly Family, Owen has not traded teams. He is just borrowing Carmines Readskins hat so his head did not get too much sun. He is still a diehard Eagles fan! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4 months

There are two reasons I update this blog…

1. To keep family and friends involved with what is going on with Owen and in our lives

2. To have a record of everything so that I can go back later and remember things. This is Owens baby book of sorts

With that said, here is a purely informational post.

Owen had his 4 month appointment on Monday and it was really disappointing. First of all he has not gained any weight in 2 weeks. In fact, he lost 2 oz in a period of time that he should have gained 16oz. Also, his head circumference has not increased in 3 weeks which it definitely should have. This means his head could definitely be getting flatter.


So we are now back to supplementing Owens feedings with formula, which i absolutely hate. I have worked really hard to breast feed him and to think that my body might not be producing enough for him is absolutely heart breaking. If for any reason I have to stop nursing him completely I will be absolutely devastated. That is our special little bonding time together. Also, the benefits of breastfeeding are so huge! I want to supply him with the best food possible so he can grow big and strong and fight off illness.

The doc also had his blood taken to go ahead and run tests to check his hormones, thyroid, etc. to see if that could be a cause for anything that is going on.

We are going back next friday for a follow up and i am really hoping he will be perfect by then!

To try and help his head issue, i stopped swaddling him at night, cold turkey. I decided that it would be best for his head to be able to move around as much as possible. I anticipated a weeks worth of terrible nights, but he actually did great! The first night he cried for a little while, but I nursed him back to sleep and then he stayed down until 430am, woke up for a little while, ate, then went right back down until 830. YAH! Then last night he did pretty much the same thing. I can get on board with that! Not bad at all!

I always think things are going to be really difficult for him, but he is so incredibly wonderful and adaptable in any situation. I am truly lucky!

We made our appointments for the specialists at the University of North Carolina for September 2nd. He has to see both a neurologist and an endocrinologist. Oh boy!

Please just keep our little guy in your prayers. I am pretty upset about the weight and the head. He is such a wonderful and perfect baby and to think that anything might be wrong breaks my heart!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4 month old Owen



When Owen turned 4 months old, the doctor gave us the green light to start solids. First up, rice cereal. Owen was not such a fan.


Sitting in the bumbo, getting ready to eat

IMG_3201 IMG_3206IMG_3204

Our attempts at a GREAT 4 month photo shoot!

 IMG_3222 IMG_3223

This one makes me laugh!


The official winner!

IMG_3236   IMG_3248

My new shades! 



Hanging out with Daddy!

Owen at 4 months old…

- Owen is 13.10lbs

-about 24 inches long

-wears size 2 diapers

-wears a variety of clothing sizes, some 0-3, some 3-6 and some 6 month clothes (depends on the brand)

-smiles and laughs ALL THE TIME!

-still sleeps swaddled at night

-throws up on mommy quite often

- rolls over from tummy to back

- holds his head up for minutes at a time

- makes mommy and daddy so incredibly happy :)