Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4 months

There are two reasons I update this blog…

1. To keep family and friends involved with what is going on with Owen and in our lives

2. To have a record of everything so that I can go back later and remember things. This is Owens baby book of sorts

With that said, here is a purely informational post.

Owen had his 4 month appointment on Monday and it was really disappointing. First of all he has not gained any weight in 2 weeks. In fact, he lost 2 oz in a period of time that he should have gained 16oz. Also, his head circumference has not increased in 3 weeks which it definitely should have. This means his head could definitely be getting flatter.


So we are now back to supplementing Owens feedings with formula, which i absolutely hate. I have worked really hard to breast feed him and to think that my body might not be producing enough for him is absolutely heart breaking. If for any reason I have to stop nursing him completely I will be absolutely devastated. That is our special little bonding time together. Also, the benefits of breastfeeding are so huge! I want to supply him with the best food possible so he can grow big and strong and fight off illness.

The doc also had his blood taken to go ahead and run tests to check his hormones, thyroid, etc. to see if that could be a cause for anything that is going on.

We are going back next friday for a follow up and i am really hoping he will be perfect by then!

To try and help his head issue, i stopped swaddling him at night, cold turkey. I decided that it would be best for his head to be able to move around as much as possible. I anticipated a weeks worth of terrible nights, but he actually did great! The first night he cried for a little while, but I nursed him back to sleep and then he stayed down until 430am, woke up for a little while, ate, then went right back down until 830. YAH! Then last night he did pretty much the same thing. I can get on board with that! Not bad at all!

I always think things are going to be really difficult for him, but he is so incredibly wonderful and adaptable in any situation. I am truly lucky!

We made our appointments for the specialists at the University of North Carolina for September 2nd. He has to see both a neurologist and an endocrinologist. Oh boy!

Please just keep our little guy in your prayers. I am pretty upset about the weight and the head. He is such a wonderful and perfect baby and to think that anything might be wrong breaks my heart!


Chad and Jessica said...

Definitely saying some prayers for you Amy!

Monica said...

I'm glad he's so adaptable for you. That truly is a huge blessing. I hope you can keep BFing him, but I wanted to let you know that we give Abbie 2-4 oz's of formula almost every day so Mark can feed her and I can have a little break. I don't see how they'd tell you to stop BFing all together when your milk is better than formula. I'm sure they'd say to do some combination of the two before they'd tell you to stop BFing all together.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.