Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6 month appointment

Owen had his 6 month appointment today (one day early). It went GREAT!!!!

He finally gained enough weight to make the doctor happy- and without me really changing anything i have been doing. She had asked me before to start feeding him formula to fatten him up, but i really did not want to stop breastfeeding him so I did not exactly listen to her advice. Well I am glad I did not because he gained enough!

I like his pediatrician, but I wish she was more pro breastfeeding. It was always so weird to me that she was so quick to suggest formula!

But now it is not an issue, he does not need to go back and see her until November because he is now in the 35th percentile for weight.

His stats:

Weight- 15.14lbs- 35th percentile

Height- 26.1 inches- 50th percentile

Head circumference- 43cm’s- 35th percentile

YAH! What a great visit and a great day!

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Our Love Our Life said...

YEAH!!! Im glad the doctor is coming to grips with Owen be perfectly fine!! lol. No more worries