Monday, August 10, 2009

First tooth

For the past week or so Owen has not been sleeping. Where did my great little 10+ hour a night sleeper go? Well apparently he is TEETHING because yesterday we could see a tiny white spot on his gum, and today he has a tooth!

Check it out…


And the close up version. If you click on the photo, it will get bigger.


Hopefully since the tooth has officially broken through he will be a better sleeper tonight. It has been a hellish 4 days of him waking up at least every hour needing comforting (which i dont mind doing, mama is just EXHAUSTED!).

The lack of sleep reminds me of the first week home with him, only no Mom Mom to help out!


skm22777 said...

WOW---an early bird! Wonder if he'll get his top ones before Caleb does!!

Monica said...

Hope things settle down for you now and he goes back to sleeping 10+ hours a night for you!