Thursday, August 6, 2009

I should be getting ready for company….

But instead Owen and I took some pictures and then realized we had not posted some cute ones from last week!

Owen fell asleep on the couch with me last week and I moved away to get some great pictures. He is such an adorable sleeper!

  IMG_3381 IMG_3382

Oops we woke the sleeping baby!

IMG_3383 IMG_3384  

Owen eating peas, he actually liked them!

 IMG_3388 IMG_3389 

Some cute pictures we took just now. He is getting so big!

IMG_3391 IMG_3392 IMG_3393   IMG_3397

I think he ALMOST looks a little like me in this one.. what do you guys think?



IMG_3399  IMG_3401

OK i guess he still looks just like a little John. At least he got my toes i guess. Not that there is anything wrong with Johns toes, it is just nice for him to have SOMETHING of mine! :)

We have been busy this week with a visit from Aunt Michelle and preparing for Johns Dad, Grandma, and brother Sam to arrive for a week. The guys will be working on a shed in our back yard and Grandma will help me out with the baby. I have so much cleaning and organizing that I still want to get done and it will be great to have an extra pair of hands around.

I also spend a while this week making baby food for Owen. So far I have made sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, peaches, and bananas. It is so easy to do, so much healthier, and amazingly cheaper. If anyone wants information on how to do this go to

We hope everyone is having a great week :)


Kelly said...

I do see the resemblance in that pic - while he still looks a great deal like John in this one I see you too!

And I know what you mean about your baby looking like their daddy - Brady is the same way. So far I have eye color, lips, and the sex (obviously).

It sounds like the homemade baby food making/eating is going really well! I can't say the same for Brady. :( It looks like more store bought food is in our future. Thank God my parents can buy it at the commissary - that stuff adds up!

Monica said...

I think he kinda looks like you Amy. He has your nose and cheeks. He's getting so big. What a cutie!

Our Love Our Life said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE..these pictures!!