Sunday, September 27, 2009

7 months old!


Owen is 7 months old!!




Owen is doing GREAT! As you can see, he now sits up completely unassisted. He also can twirl around on his belly to get where he wants to go quite well.

Johns mom just left after being with us for 9 days. It was a great visit. Owen just loves all of the extra attention.

Small prayer request- Owen MAY have a small developmental delay on his right side. My aunt who is an Occupational Therapist pointed it out to us (if you remember, the neurologist also noticed he did not open up his right hand all the way). So last weekend we went to VA for a quick 24 hour trip so my aunt could evaluate him. She said he might have a very slight issue and gave us some things to work on. We also went to visit the pediatrician to have her check it out and she referred us out to Early Intervention. They are coming next week for an in home visit.

Anyways, the issue is very slight, my aunt is the only one who noticed it- and that is because she has a therapists eye. But keep us in your prayers.

IMG_3669 IMG_3670 IMG_3671 IMG_3672  IMG_3674 IMG_3675

At 7 months Owen:

-weighs 17.5lbs

- sits unassisted

- has the cutest sly smile

- gives GREAT hugs

- has gotten into a pretty bad sleep habit of waking up several times a night. We are working on this!

- said his first real word. Daddy :)

- is absolutely in love with Piper dog. When she walks into the room he gets so excited. Piper is a great sport and even lets Owen ride on her back. She is turning into a great dog!

Owen we love you so much. You bring a level of Joy into our lives that we never knew.

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Monica said...

I love the bottom teeth! He already said daddy? At 7 months?? I'm so impressed! I thought babies didn't talk until quite a bit later. Sorry he's waking up again. I feel your pain.