Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Playing with my new favorite toy, a water bottle!


Go Clemson! This shirt is from Johns coworker Phil. He is a diehard Clemson Fan/Alum and got this shirt for Owen over the weekend!


Hanging out in overalls! We are still working on sitting, but he is getting really good!




Yesterday we had a fun play-date with Maria and her daughter Laura. We met them in Little Rock and now we all live here in North Carolina. Laura is 1 week younger than Owen. They had a great time playing, but we completely forgot to take any photos!

Owen is now 28 weeks old. The time has flown by!


Monica said...

He's a cutie Amy. I can definitely see a little of both of you in him. Love the bottom teeth.

Maricel said...

omigosh, it's phil's mission to give every friend's child clemson attire! cute!