Thursday, September 3, 2009

Head Update

Yesterday John, Owen, and I went to the University of North Carolina for Owens neurology appointment. I was really thankful John could come along because MAN that place is big!

We met with the neurologist who checked out all of Owens gross motor skills. She said he was perfect! He is right on track for all of his milestones and he is really close to sitting. She then checked his fine motor skills and only had one little concern. He was not opening up his right hand all the way to grab at stuff. She said it could be random that he was not doing it right then, or it could be the sign of something else so she sent him to have a CT scan done.

John and I have never been prouder of our little boy! During the scan he had to be literally strapped down on a board and he could not move. We were told that most babies SCREAM and some even need to be sedated. Our little Owen just stayed there like a little angel. I was on one side of him and John was on the other. He just moved his eyes looking back and forth to the both of us, but never cried. He was such a good boy!

This morning the neurologist called and said Owens scans came out absolutely perfect. His brain has developed perfectly and the flat head has not had any impact on his development. She just wants to see us back in 3 months.

Praise the Lord for such a great visit. We knew he was just perfect, and it is wonderful to have someone from a medical standpoint tell us the same! :)