Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Dedication

Last weekend we were in Pennsylvania for Owens baby dedication at church. We do not have any photos from the actual dedication (no photography allowed), but we do have some great pictures (thanks to my sister who drove up from Maryland to share in Owens special day with us).

We always attempt to get family shots, but inevitably one of us wont be looking. This day, it was Owen!

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After church some friends and family all went to Johns parents house for lunch. Owen had the chance to play with his Aunt Michelle, Aunt Jean, Uncle Nate, and his friend Maeleigh (who was born just 2 weeks before him).

Owen had his first kiss from a girl…


And his second kiss! This girl is a go- getter!

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Owen not too sure about all of the kissing. Maeleigh calling her friends to brag.

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Owen doing much better now! :)

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A picture of Maeleigh and Owens mommies!

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Group shot with the dads. This is Dan- John’s hunting buddy.

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Thank you so much to everyone who shared in our time in Pennsylvania. We appreciate the friends and family who drove several hours to visit with us!!!!! (Michelle and Melanie!)

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Michelle said...

Amy, John and Owen,
I was so very happy that I got to share in Owen's special day. I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

I was happy to be the "official" event photographer :) I think we got some great shots. You guys are so cute, was hard not to. So glad I captured Owens 1st...and 2nd kiss! We will have to hang on to those and bring them back out when he starts dating! haha!

Love you guys,