Sunday, November 8, 2009

C-130 Day


Oh Friday, despite being sick, we were able to participate in a C-130 (the plane John flies) Family day! It was so much fun.


John getting Owen ready to stand by the mini model herk.


We decided we would try to convince Johns mom (sorry Jackie) that THIS is in fact the plane john flies. We even did an impression of her saying “Well I thought it was bigger……..”

102_7767  102_7769

Inside the REAL airplane

102_7770  102_7772 102_7773

Pardon my reflective belt! It is not a new fashion statement, it is what the wives had to wear.

102_7774   102_7777   

Sitting in the pilot seat!

102_7781 102_7782 102_7783 

After the kids got to tour the plane the wives actually went up for a 45 minute flight. It was quite cool. Photos from the flight to come later! 

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Michelle said...

What a Great Adventure...
Owen looks like he loved it!