Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


We had a great Thanksgiving with neighbors and friends!


Owen tried turkey, mashed potatoes, bread, and cranberry sauce. He was a big fan!!!

235 226 229 230 

We had some fun playing with our new camera after dinner. I am so in love with this shot!


Turkey makes Owen sleepy!


We also went to Virginia after Thanksgiving to celebrate with my family. I did not take nearly enough photos, but here are just a few.


With Grandaddy

IMG_0556  IMG_0568

With Grandma Jean!


We completely forgot to take any photos of my Moms side of the family! I have no idea what we were thinking.

We hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! This year we are thankful for our little boy and the job that he has brought to our lives.

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Kelly said...

Your new camera takes such great pictures!