Tuesday, April 28, 2009


John and I just got floor tickets for tonights Jason Mraz concert here in Little Rock. OH MY GOSH!!!

He is our absolute favorite singer.

He is AMAZING live!

I am beside myself.

I have not seen him live in almost 3 years (in NYC! AMAZING!)

This means we are leaving Owen with a baby sitter for the first time! AHH! But it is Keith and Sarah Hobart. Not like a random person or a high-schooler. I have only ever left him with Johns mom and for no longer than like 3 hours (tops) .

I am hoping that with the shots he got today he will just be a sleepy boy and will not cause any trouble. He slept for 3 hours this morning, ate, and now has been asleep for an hour again. I almost do not know what to do with all of this extra time in my day! Almost.


2 month stats

We had Owens 2 month appointment today! Here are his stats

Weight- 9.9lbs (WOAH!! he gained 2lbs in 3 weeks)

Height- 21 inches

Head circumference = 38 cm's (edited to use the correct unit of measurement!) 

So he is in the 50th percentile for weight and head circumference, and only in the 5th percentile for height. The doctor is not too concerned about the height yet, but it could be concerning later on. He said it could be just heredity (I am only 5’4 and John is 5’9. My mom was 5’1 {maybe} and I think my dad is pretty short too) or it could be a thyroid issue (i know my grandmother has thyroid issues) so we will see. John is convinced that the measurement was wrong because Owen was not cooperating very well with the measuring, so we will see what happens at his 4 month appointment.

He also had his shots today. I was pretty nervous but he took them like a champ. He cried of course (and had real tears come out, only the 2nd time that has ever happened!) but not for very long. He is currently asleep in his car seat so we will see how he is when he wakes up. I will take some photos of his cool band-aids too! He is stylin!  

In other news, Owen slept from 8pm until 5am when I woke him up this morning. He has NEVER slept THAT long! I woke up in a sore panic and fed him right away. Then he fell asleep for another hour. I think he was catching up on sleep because yesterday was ROUGH in our house. He just did not want to sleep at all for naps and he was kind of miserable.

Here is a preview of a picture that I am really excited about. My girlfriend is a photographer and she took some amazing shots for me. More to come later! :)


Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 month old Owen!

Time flies!!!

IMG_2903 IMG_2908 IMG_2909 IMG_2885 IMG_2886  IMG_2891

This one cracks me up!


Yesterday Owen was full of smiles for us. I am pretty sure he laughed at John once too. He is growing up so fast. His 2 month appointment is on Tuesday and he will get his first set of shots. I am told this is hard on Mommas!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some photos from our trip

I will definitely update more soon!
This picture is from Christmas at our baby shower. This is Erin, me and Kirsten.

Yesterday we had a little reunion and got to have our little “outside” loved ones play. This is Evan, Mayleigh and Owen!
Since the Trumps had a girl and not a boy, Owen and Maeleigh need to be married one day instead of hunting buddies. I probably prefer it this way. Owen seems a little unsure…
Owen was also a little unsure about his future best friend Evan. It seems like my boy cries a lot, but he really doesnt! This meeting was an epic fail! :0) I love that saying.
Best friends Amy and Erin and our sons
Cousins Bayleigh and Jordan playing with Owen
IMG_2828 IMG_2837
Uncles Sam and Josh playing with Owen
It is exhausting being so social!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! And 6 week Owen

Happy Easter Friends and Family! Here are some photos from Owens Easter Morning Photo Shoot!

IMG_2780 IMG_2787 IMG_2788 IMG_2793 IMG_2797 IMG_2801 IMG_2804 IMG_2805

And I saved the best for last! :) Owen does not smile a ton on command, but John was able to capture this adorable moment!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally- Owens Birth Story

I am finally getting around to posting a birth story!! John typed out some notes while everything was happening to help us remember when things happened.

I started having contractions on Friday February 20th really strong. I went to L&D and was checked out and they sent me home a 1cm. So the weekend was rough, contracting every 3-4 minutes, but not really much stronger than before.

Finally on Wednesday I called my doc and said i absolutely could not take it anymore. They set me up to see the on call doc at 10am on Wednesday morning. I was only 1-2cm's, and he didn't really take me seriously, but said he would admit me for observation and to give me some medication since I was so miserable! I walked over to L&D and the nurses were GREAT! They could see how utterly exhausted i was, got me a room right away, set me up with an IV and the medication, and really just took care of me.

My nurse checked me and said i was truly 2cm's, and she kind of tried to get things better started up there. I am pretty sure she stripped my membranes because i started bleeding pretty badly. I tried to get some sleep since I had the pain medication.

A few hours later I got up to go to the bathroom, and i think my water broke while on the toilet. And there was a TON of blood. So i freaked out, called the nurse in there, and she said yes my water probably broke, and the doc would be right in to check me.

This was at about 4pm on Wednesday the 25th. John had left me to go board the dogs and take care of some stuff. and he just got back when the doc checked me, said my water probably did break, he could not feel it, and they would be officially admitting me. He said "you are going to have your baby today!". AHH!!

I was officially admitted at 4:30pm. They said they were going to have the anesthesiologist come chat with me to discuss my epidural. Little did I know he planned on giving me the epi THEN! I was only 2cm’s dilated so I was not at all prepared for this. I honestly kind of freaked out. We had only been in our room for like 20 minutes and he was already there with nurses and waiting to stick me in the back with needles. I had always been very pro epidural- but just with how fast it happened I freaked out. I was shaking and crying, and I even said “maybe I do not want an epidural, I can probably do it without one (haha)”. John and the nurses calmed me down though, and it was not bad at all. Just a lot of pressure. And now I am so thankful i got the epidural. It was administered at 5:07pm.
This is the timeline john saved on the computer during the rest of the night..

Throughout the evening the nurses came in to check my progress.
Checked at 1825 - 2 cm
Catheter – 2015

Checked at 1240 - 2cm (gushed more fluid - water may have really just broken). Apparently earlier my water probably did not break, but this time it did. John heard it pop! I guess the nurse checking me caused it to break.

Checked at 0245- 3-4 cm

Checked at 0500 – 8cm. HOLY COW THAT WAS A LOT OF PROGRESS!

Checked at 0710- 10cms. The nurse said she was going to set things up for delivery. I could not believe it was actually about to happen.

So i started pushing him at 725 and it was so hard! I had no idea it would be as hard as it was. I could not feel what i was doing because of the epi, my legs were so heavy, yet i was in pain. I pushed and pushed and pushed! The epi was wearing off by the end of the pushing, i was utterly exhausted, my mouth was so dry, i was just a mess! John was really good and gave me tons of ice chips and wet my face with wash cloths, but i was just miserable.
His head was "right there" for so long. Pretty much from the moment i started pushing they could see it when i would push, but it just could not come down further. He was still sunny side up, and was kind of getting stuck in my pelvic bone.

The doc finally asked me if i wanted her to "help me" and i said yes. I had been so anti vacuum/forceps, but at that point i just needed him OUT! So she used the vacuum and helped pull him out as i pushed!!!

When he came out i just started crying. it was like an oh i am so glad to see my baby AND THANK GOD THIS IS OVER cry!!!!! He was purple and all nasty looking, but still so adorable. They put him on me and he snuggled right away. Such a sweetie!!

I had a 2nd degree tear so once the placenta was delivered and she stitched me up. John got to watch them do everything for Owen and he took great video and photos.

He was born on Thursday morning and I was discharged on Saturday morning. However, due to jaundice issues they needed Owen to stay one more night, and i was allowed to just stay as well. I was really thankful for that because I was still in a great deal of discomfort and I appreciated the nurses being there for me.

Now, 5 weeks later, looking back, it was not TOO terrible. I could do it again!! :) Maybe. In like 4-5 years.

Here are some photos!

Immediately after birth!  023

022027 028 029 032 041 044 048 I always wanted to bite his little toes when they were digging into my ribs!

050 054  072 078 085 089 096

We are so thankful to have Owen in our lives! He is the most precious thing we could have ever asked for.

Our new house!


Isn’t our new house beautiful?? We are QUITE EXCITED!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

5 weeks old!

I have no idea how it is possible that Owen is 5 weeks old already! It feels like just yesterday that I was miserably pregnant! I would do this all over in a heartbeat though if I had known how much I was going to love this little man!

Some pictures from our week!!!

Owen ABSOLUTELY loves the bath! We call him our little water baby. Right now the easiest way to bathe him is to put him in with me. He loves to lay on his back and float around. We definitely plan on putting him in swimming lessons one day so that he can love the water EVEN MORE!

IMG_2745 IMG_2744

When I was little I had a HUGE fear of the water. In 3rd grade my teacher, Mrs. Owens, had a pool party and I almost ran into trouble when I found myself in the deep end and I did not know how to swim. After that my grandmother put me in lessons where I did very well. I went on to teach swimming lessons myself, and I was a lifeguard for a summer (at Water Country!). So we definitely want Owen to have lessons so he does not fear the water.

Last night John walked in holding the baby and said “Um, Amy, I think the baby is hungry, he is trying to nurse on me!”. Haha. At least Owen has an “idea” of where his food comes from. Just got the wrong parent.


Every morning John and I laugh at Owen and his “stretching time”. It lasts normally about 15 minutes, and he just stretches in every way possible. He is serious about his stretches!


Hanging out with mom before bed.


He has really started smiling a lot lately! It melts our hearts! Of course, we can hardly ever get it on camera because we have no idea when it might happen (it is just random smiling at this point, not in response to what we are doing). I was just lucky enough to catch one though!!


I can’t resist this face! One day he will come home and tell me he crashed our car, and he will give me those big eyes and adorable dimples, and all will be forgiven!


In other news Owen and I are taking a trip to PA in a week and a half. We are going because we have no idea when the next time we will make it there will be. We had thought about stopping by on our way to North Carolina in May or June, but that just wont work with a 26 foot truck! So we will be in town April 15-23rd. Owen will get to meet his Grandpa, Great Grandma Dupont, Uncles Steve, Nate, Sam, and Josh, Aunts Jean and Aliyah, Cousins Jordan and Bayleigh. We are also very excited to meet his future best friend Evan Class- who is MY best friend Erin’s baby that is 25 days older than Owen. We will also meet many other friends and family. It will be great to show him off for the first time.

Owen and I will take a trip to VA once we move to North Carolina and get settled. It is only 4 hours away- so family can come visit us too!!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! John is at a gun show right now- lets pray he does not try to come home with any presents!

Oh and say a little prayer, our little guy has a tiny cold. He has a bit of a fever yesterday so we called the pedi and took him in. He just has a little congestion- nothing too bad. We got saline drops to put in his nose (he was not pleased) and are to watch him closely to make sure his temp does not go above 100.5.

We got him weighed and he is 7lbs 8oz which is perfect. He has gained 1 oz a day since his last appointment which is exactly what he was supposed to do! YAH! I also tried to measure his length and it came up 21 inches for me. So he has gained 15oz since birth, and gone up 2.5 inches! YAH!!!