Friday, January 1, 2010

10 months!


OK so this is pretty late, but Owen is 10 months old!!!!!!! This photo was actually taken a couple of days before his 10 month birthday- but he has been pretty sick and not feeling photogenic lately.

At 10 months:

- 19.2 lbs

- 29 inches long

- has 7 full teeth and 1 more coming in

- cruises around on furniture

- enjoys rolling the ball back and forth with mommy and daddy

- is still nursing really well

- says dad, dadda, daddy, MA (which i think means mom), ball, and maybe Maggie (sort of aggie)

Owen is doing GREAT! We were a little nervous that he possibly had a stroke in utero and that was what is causing his hand issue- however, after an MRI, we know he did not- which is GREAT news.

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