Wednesday, January 27, 2010

11 month day!


I know I say this EVERY  month, but I absolutely can not believe my “baby” is 11 months old. I can not believe he will be a year old in 30 days! In the last month he has just grown up so much. He has turned into such a little man.


Owen has developed a really funny little personality. He tries to make me laugh and gets great joy when I do. I have visions of him being a class clown!


He is also incredibly chatty. Sometimes I swear he is repeating things that I say. I know my 11 month old does not honesty say “I love you” but sometimes his I yuvooo sure makes me do a second take.


During the last month we have been staying busy while Daddy is away for a few months. We have had the chance do do some great video chatting which has made him being gone much easier. Owen will look at my computer and say “Daddy”??

Johns mom, MomMom came to visit for a week- all of the extra attention was nice.


We plan on continuing to stay busy with visits from Aunt Michelle, Erin and Evan, and a birthday party to plan!


And here is our newest purchase. Some walking shoes. Because this baby is all over the place!!!!


I am not really sure of Owen stats this month since we have not gone to the doctor in a while. He is somewhere around 20lbs and 29 inches. He is doing great with his occupational therapy. He eats anything that I offer him- even lima beans which apparently Johns family believe to be the devil.

And here is a picture of Daddy. Don’t worry- he is having a good time while he is away! Yes, those are the Alps in the background! :)

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