Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Storm


Yesterday we had a pretty impressive ice/sleet/snow/wind storm! We sat inside with friends all day and prayed we would not lose power. Today we decided to put on our snow suit that is for a 24 month old and venture out. Last time we played in the snow Owen was not too pleased. However today he LOVED IT!


IMG_1724 IMG_1722 IMG_1738 IMG_1731 IMG_1733

He was very upset when it was time to come in. Hopefully we will get snow again this season. This was more like ice topped with a tiny bit of snow, but it was way too hard to actually pick up.


Kelly said...

That's awesome he's more into the snow now since y'all live in a snowy climate. And your backyard is HUGE!

Kathy and Ryan said...

Brrrr!! But super cute that he loves the out doors. I think its a boy thing! Even when Ty was tiny and crying, he would stop the second we would take him outside. Go figure!!

Hope you are doing well!!