Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Health Update

Thank you to my friends and family for the emails, phone calls, messages, etc. regarding my health. I have started updating my blog on a more regular basis but I am not emailing out each of the posts. You can always go directly to the blogsite to view our blog directly. I will continue emailing out photos once a month or so.

Anyway, on a post a few days ago I mentioned I am having trouble with  my gallbladder. Yesterday the pain got so bad (and I was so frustrated, more information on that below) that I had to go to the Army ER on Ft. Bragg. I went in the morning so that the wait would hopefully not be tooooo bad. Well fastforward 8 hours and I left with little answers. After going to my primary care doctor this morning, we learned that I have a dilated common bile duct. Normally these dilate when there is a gall-stone stuck inside- but mine seems to be dilated for no real reason. It is causing a ton of pain. So tomorrow I am going in for an upper GI study (where you swallow the terrible barrium liquid and TRY not to throw it up).

Much to my surprise, my doctor was able to get me schedule this GI study for tomorrow. Normally military healthcare makes you wait weeks and weeks to make things happen. That was why i was so frustrated yesterday. I was in so much pain and I needed an ultrasound done, however this great government healthcare was going to make me wait until May 12th to get one even though I am in severe pain.

People- this is what we ALL have to look forward to!

I am just so thankful that John’s mom is here this week. I am in so much pain I can not do much with Owen at all. She has been so good with him- she stepped right in and has not missed a beat. I am VERY THANKFUL for her!

So keep me in your prayers guys- they are not sure what is going on, why my common duct is dilated, or even why i have spent the last 24 hours throwing up. Hopefully soon we will get some answers.

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Our Love Our Life said...

So Sorry to hear about your problems with the healthcare. But on a "good" note Carmine had a upper GI and had to drink that stuff and did great :).. just trying to help. Ill talk with you soon