Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prayers needed!

Hello everyone! It has been so long since I posted anything on here. We have a ton of pictures to upload and stories to tell- but for now I just need your prayers.

On Tuesday morning I woke up with a terrible pain in my abdomen. After a doctors appointment and an ER trip today it seems like my gallbladder is giving me a hard time and it may have to be removed.

Please just send some good thoughts and prayers my way. The thought of surgery scares me so badly. I am currently hopped up on some vicodin and percocet which is helping- but making me quite woozy1

Thankfully Johns mom is here this week and has been able to take Owen off of my hands for most of the days so that I can rest!

In other news, today we helped lead a VERY successful squadron yard sale. We made $931 in just a few short hours which is just AMAZING! This will help out the spouses group so much for future events.

Thanks everyone for sending good vibes this way! If you subscribe to this blog in a reader, please go directly to our blog and check out the new layout. I am so in love with this fun style.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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Monica said...

My prayers are with you. WHere'd you get the new layout? I love it too!

MrsPnut said...

I had my gallbladder out a few year ago, and I can honestly say it was "nothing"!!
I HATE needles and am fearful of pain... but it really just felt like I had done a million sit ups! I was back to work 4 days later
(eating was a different story)
Good luck and prayers are with you!