Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A few of Owen’s favorite things!

Check out this rocking chair! Back in the day my grandmother purchased it for my mom and aunt to use as children. When it needed repair my Great Grand Father Dawson re-did it. A few months back while visiting my Grandmother in Virginia I asked her if I could have the chair for Owen. As a child I also had this chair and loved it. She said yes and it came to live at our house. Owen did not pay it too much attention until recently, but now he LOVES IT!




He loves to sit in it and read, and actually requests that we read his nighttime Bible story there instead of in the gilder. He loves practicing getting in and out of the chair, putting his animals in the chair, and pushing it around. The chair is definitely one of Owen’s favorite things. IMG_4435Some other favorite things include his crib. This is his “doll” Joey. We love to put Joey to bed, rock Joey, and brush Joey’s teeth. IMG_4444Airplanes, everywhere, of course! On the mobile and the picture hanging above the crib…

IMG_4448 On the bedding and the quit that hangs above the dresser..

IMG_4454 The airplane lamp..

IMG_4456 The airplane bank..

IMG_4457On the nameplate in front of our room…

IMG_4461 We definitely like airplanes around here! Some other favorite things from Owen’s room include his Twila Paris CD that he listens to every night and before naps..IMG_4458 The O-W-E-N in his room..

IMG_4453Mommy’s Willow Tree figurines from Daddy..

IMG_4459And of course the glider where we have spent MANY hours nursing, rocking, reading, snuggling, etc. It is one of our favorite things! IMG_4475

Comment in the blog and share links to YOUR favorite things!

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Nicole said...

Colin has an airplane room too!...only natural :)

Monica said...

I'm still kicking myself for not getting a glider when Abbie was tiny. It would have gotten lots of use. Maybe for baby #2.

~Me said...

Allison's favorite things - (1) her "daddy dog" which is a "build a bear" dog in blues. She still complains that he has stripes instead of bars - she wants to promote him to daddy's rank. (2) her James Taylor greatest hits CD. She and I listened to it together every night the first summer Ben was gone for OTS. Since then, it has become her bedtime music and she listens to it every night at bed time and if she naps in the afternoons. (3) the Narnia book series. Ben read them all to her when she was 5 and she has started asking that we start over again.

Jack's favorite things - (1) sitting in Daddy's arms to watch him play video games. It has become a ritual now that they do every afternoon when Ben comes home on lunch break. (2) the dog. He spends hours out on the porch with her throwing sticks, he cuddles with her in her bed, he plays fetch with her, and he torments her constantly. Thankfully, she's the best dog we could ever ask for and lets him take her toys, pull her hair, and poke her in the eye if he feels like it. We're working on "gentle" but it's a work in process :) (3) Balls - or anything that can be thrown. he's got quite a throwing arm - he even winds up his pitches. (4) his bottle and blankie and a good nap. We're still fighting constantly over the bottle, but he loves nothing better than to have his bottle with his favorite blanket draped over him as he falls asleep.

What a fun post :)

Amy@Salotti Family Blog said...

Joy I love your response!